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A powerful portfolio: MAN B&W two-stroke propulsion engines

Just what you are looking for! We offer the largest sizes of marine two-stroke engines. Our engines have power outputs ranging up to 82.4 MW, the most powerful of which rank among the largest engines ever built.
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Full range of MAN B&W two-stroke propulsion engines

Discover the potential and variety of our two-stroke engines.

High power combined with high efficiency: Our two-stroke engines


Our ME-C engines with electronic controls serve up a host of advantages. You can look forward to superior performance parameters, compactness, fully integrated electronic control as well as the necessary fuel injection pressure and rate shaping at any load. Plus the ME-C engine can be retrofitted for alternative fuels such as methanol, LPG, LNG or ethane as well as ammonia from 2025.

  • Engine speed: rpm to 56 – 167
  • Output: 4,350 – 82,440 kW at L1


The ME-GI engine impresses with extremely low methane slip emissions and very high fuel efficiency. It is the most environmentally friendly LNG-fuelled engine on the market. By the optional use of fuel oil or LNG/bio-methane/SNG, it represents a highly efficient, flexible, propulsion-plant solution.

  • Engine speed: rpm to 56 – 167
  • Output: 4,350 – 82,440 kW at L1


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The technology of the ME-GIE is based on our successful ME-GI engine. This engine can be operated with ethane as well as fuel oil – which makes it the standard choice for ethane carriers. This engine offers very competitive fuel oil and gas consumption, plus operational stability and efficiency due to the diesel principle.

  • Engine speed: 62 – 127 rpm
  • Output: 8,600 – 29,120 kW at L1


The ME-GA engine is the latest addition to our dual fuel portfolio. Gas is admitted during the compression stroke, which allows for a lower supply pressure compared to other dual fuel engines. This is advantageous for LNG carriers with large amounts of boil-off gas. The ME-GA engine comes with our proven EGR design as standard for reduced methane slip emission, as well as improved fuel efficiency in both gas and fuel oil mode.

  • Engine speed: rpm to 66 – 78
  • Output: 14,150 – 16,980 kW at L1
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Our ME-LGIM is a dual fuel engine characterized by its high efficiency and capability of operating on methanol. With a proven record of more than 400.000 operating hours on methanol alone, the engine concept is proven and provides a high degree of reliability. When fuelled by green methanol, our ME-LGIM engine can offer truly carbon-neutral propulsion, while reducing sulphur and particle matter emissions significantly at the same time.

  • Engine speed: 58 – 117 rpm
  • Output: 6,950 – 82,440 kW at L1
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Our ME-LGIP is the only two-stroke dual-fuel engine on the market which can be fuelled with LPG. The low operational costs as well as the simple retrofit solution are particularly convincing.

  • Engine speed: 62 –105 rpm
  • Output: 8,600 – 22,720 kW at L1
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Always an optimal choice

The MAN Energy Solutions two-stroke portfolio delivers the highest performance and efficiency across all engine types.

MAN B&W two-stroke engines from the 30 to 95 cm bore sizes have a total power range from 3,200 kW to 82,440 measured at L1. With a vast range of different fuel injection concepts from traditional fuel oils, to gaseous and liquid gasses, MAN ensures that you have your future fuel strategy covered.

All MAN B&W engines follow the same naming convention and seemingly random engine names actually carry a lot of useful information.

More than
dual-fuel engine orders since 2015

Explore our interactive marine propulsion systems

Click here to access our Interactive Product Experience and see how MAN marine products enable a ship to operate on sea efficiently and reliably. Each of the products shown have their own key features displayed in 3D and explained. Explore our two-stroke main engine, GenSets, turbocharger, CP propeller and control system and our innovative digital offering “PrimeServ Assist”.
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Worldwide service solutions

MAN PrimeServ, a global service partner for MAN Energy Solutions, ensures efficient and high-performance engines. With a proven track record, we offer excellence in service solutions, helping optimize existing assets and safeguarding your bottom line.
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Two-stroke engine calculator for all ME and ME-B engines.

A two-stroke tool for supporting the negotiations between the yard, engine maker, and the customer.

Drawings of our two-stroke ME and ME-B engines and four-stroke GenSets provide guidance in the planning process.

Technical downloads

Access our complete engine portfolio – via PDF or app.

Read and download our Market Update Notes.

Our technical papers provide information on new engine developments and trends, service experience and maintenance, emission requirements, and much more.

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