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Enabling a scalable energy transition 

The MAN B&W ME-LGIM two-stroke dual-fuel engine can run on methanol as well as conventional fuels. Specifically designed to meet the needs of the maritime industry, it is a versatile and scalable solution that is suited to a wide range of vessel types. Simple handling, storage, and bunkering of methanol, combined with relatively simple auxiliary systems and the potential to be carbon-neutral, makes it an attractive option for meeting decarbonization targets.

The first MAN B&W ME-LGIM engines came into service in 2016
running hours accumulated on methanol alone

Proven two-stroke methanol engine design

Available either for newbuilds or for upgrading existing conventional fuel vessels, this engine represents a proven, refined engine design based on over 500,000 running hours on methanol alone. Methanol produced from renewable sources is an attractive marine fuel option due to its low carbon intensity. An engine using green methanol can even provide carbon-neutral propulsion.

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Key benefits

  • Efficiency

    The engine works with even better efficiency compared to our conventional fuel engines. Switching between methanol and fuel oil is seamless and thereby supports reliable and continuous operation of the engine.

  • Scalability

    The major appeal of methanol as an alternative fuel is that it can be stored as a liquid at ambient temperatures and pressures. While its production as a green fuel is still limited, its handling costs are low, reducing the complexity of storage and bunkering infrastructure at ports. As such, carbon-neutral methanol can be used whenever it is available at scale.

  • Extensive engine portfolio

    Thanks to an extensive existing ME-LGIM engine portfolio, our methanol solution caters to a wide range of vessel applications, including container vessels of all sizes, product tankers, very large crude carriers, numerous bulk carrier sizes, roll-on/roll-of ships, and pure car and truck carriers. It can run on methanol as well as on conventional fuels.

    The MAN B&W ME-LGIM engine is available for newbuilding projects and retrofits.

A new design for efficient methanol combustion

The ME-LGIM engine has inherited well-known components of our standard two-stroke diesel engine, like the ME-GI dual-fuel engine. Beneficial features of the standard MAN B&W two-stroke diesel engine have been retained. This illustration highlights methanol components and pipes that have been added to the cylinder top for methanol combustion.

The use of methanol as fuel type supports cost-effective vessel designs.


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Moving together into a sustainable future

There are many ways the new MAN B&W ME-LGIM dual-fuel methanol engine can help increase the long-term profitability and security of your fleet and business. Contact us today to start exploring your options.
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