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Market Update Notes (MUN)

This is a collection of the Market Update Notes (MUN) published by MAN Energy Solutions, Copenhagen/Holeby, Denmark, covering both MAN B&W two-stroke and MAN four-stroke engines. MUNs provide information on new engine developments and trends, significant technical initiatives, and compliance with emission regulations.
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  • Design plan for methanol-burning dual-fuel engines expands with MAN B&W G45ME-LGIM
  • Design plan for dual-fuel engines for methanol expands


  • 80-bore methanol engine added to dual-fuel portfolio
  • New engine size for methanol operation
  • Upgraded G45ME-C9.7 engine with improved fuel efficiency
  • Optimised L21/31 Mk. 2 engine design with improved fuel efficiency





  • Improved SFOC with S50ME-C9.6 and G50ME-C9.6
  • Improved SFOC with G95ME-C9.6 Engines
  • Updated data for G70ME-C(-GI)10.5
  • Two-Stroke Engines under the 2020 IMO Sulphur Cap and the Impact on Engine Design
  • Two-Stroke ME-GIE Engine Running on LNG and VOC
  • Prolonging Time Between Overhaul of MAN Holeby L2330H Mk.II
  • Fuel Oil Optimisation of Small Bore GenSets
  • Efficiency Improvements to Main Engine Auxiliary Systems
  • ACOM — Automated Cylinder Oil Mixing
  • Application of High-Sulphur Fuels, Scrubbers and Tier III Equipment for MAN B&W


  • New Fuel Gas Supply System
  • Reduced installation costs with the new design of MAN Holeby L23-30H
  • MAN B&W Tier III two-stroke marine diesel engines with SCR
  • ME-B LGI Operation Manual
  • MAN B&W Two-Stroke S35ME-S and S35ME-GI-S for Stationary Application
  • Fuel Oil Optimisation of Small Bore GenSets_2016
  • An evaluation of the Possible Options for a Future Tier III Ready Retrofit Solution