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Engineered for your sustainability

Our engines cater for all ship sizes and applications, from tugs and small-scale fishing vessels to ULCVs and tankers. Half the world’s shipping sails under the power of MAN Energy Solutions, and we recognize that each step we take to make our engines more efficient can have a measurable effect on the environment and your bottom line. Our dedication doesn’t start after an order has been placed, but long before. Our compilation of sophisticated tools, support and downloads is waiting for you and will make your planning phase an easy task.
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Two-stroke engine calculator for all ME and ME-B engines.

Guide to list and sort applicable two-stroke MAN B&W engines and variants fulfilling a few input options.

Find a matching turbocharger for your two-stroke engine.

Drawings of our two-stroke ME and ME-B engines and four-stroke GenSets provide guidance in the planning process.

Configurator for four-stroke engines.

Configurator for four-stroke GenSets.

Configurator for SCR (four-stroke ship equipment).

Technical downloads

Access and download our two- and four-stroke Project Guides.

Access our complete engine portfolio – via PDF or app.

Read and download our Market Update Notes.

Access vital information for the in-service operation of equipment, such as design alterations, new gear for equipment, new or updated recommendations based on service experience, etc. for our marine engines and systems.

Our technical papers provide information on new engine developments and trends, service experience and maintenance, emission requirements, and much more.

Browse and download technical posters, both for two- and four-stroke engines.

Discover our global network of trusted licensees.

Work with us to find the ideal marine solution or product for your business

MAN Energy Solutions has the expertise and technologies to propel your business. See how we can support you best.

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