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Four-stroke Clean Funnel Configurator

The Clean Funnel Configurator is a tool that makes the planning of your engine’s exhaust gas funnel an easy task.
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This smart tool for SCR configuration has been developed by MAN Energy Solutions and is part of our Nexus-based four-stroke planning tool portfolio. It caters for the requirements in the concept phase of a new vessel and takes the planning process and live configuration to a new level. The 3D model in the tool makes changes to the current configuration during the planning process directly visible.

The configurator offers you a variety of different download options:

  • 2D views of the complete exhaust gas funnel or single components, dimensional drawings including insulation and service areas
  • 3D models
  • 3D PDF data sheets providing an overview of the exhaust gas funnel and all relevant data, such as dimensions, weight, and consumables of the component

The Clean Funnel Configurator is available via Nexus, MAN Energy Solutions' extranet.

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Check out further configurators

Our further four-stroke planning tools offer compatible data and make your planning even easier. Click here for accessing our other configurators on Nexus:

  • 3D Engine Viewer
  • 3D GenSet Viewer

Further support

Check Nexus for additional services such as:

  • Life-cycle cost calculations
  • Propulsion optimization

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Please note:

Access permissions on the MAN Energy Solutions Extranet depend on the selected job role. External access to the configuration tools is free of charge, but limited to professional use, e.g. for ship yards or design offices only.

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