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Service Letters

This is a collection of service letters published by MAN Energy Solutions, Copenhagen/Holeby, Denmark, covering both MAN B&W two-stroke and MAN four-stroke combustion engines.

Our service letters provide information on new engine developments and trends, service experience, important aspects of engine management and maintenance, and emissions requirements compliance and development, etc. 

Note that some service letters have documents attached (e.g. work cards, instructions, guidelines, specifications, etc.) that may subsequently have been updated after the release of the service letter. It is therefore recommended to check for the latest edition of such attachments.

Table of content

  • Service Letters, Two-stroke – Table of Content
    pdf, 301 KB
  • Service Letters, Four-stroke - Table of content
    pdf, 856 KB
  • Service Bulletin, Four-stroke Pielstick (available via mail request to – Table of content
    pdf, 532 KB


  • SL2024-755
    pdf, 1200 KB
    Engine overspeed shutdown system (Replaces SL2023-750)
  • SL2024-754
    pdf, 873 KB
    Accumulators – all makes brands and types in the hydraulic system (replaces SL2019-673/PRP)
  • SL2024-753
    pdf, 589 KB
    Update of fuel valve opening pressure
  • SL2024-752
    pdf, 1195 KB
    Fees for technical assistance and advisory work
  • SL2024-751
    pdf, 443 KB
    Pre-inspection of turbocharger hot-parts
  • SL2023-749
    pdf, 1195 KB
    Fees for technical assistance and advisory work MAN PrimeServ, Denmark
  • SL2023-748
    pdf, 1350 KB
    Replacement campaign – Potential presence of a counterfeit integrated circuit in a batch of MPC and MPC-10 from 2020
  • SL2023-747
    pdf, 1271 KB
    Updated procedure due to potential crack in piston crown
  • SL2023-746
    pdf, 495 KB
    Piston skirt design update
  • SL2023-745
    pdf, 432 KB
    CENTA rubber element inspection
  • SL2023-744
    pdf, 864 KB
    Guiding overhaul intervals
  • SL2023-743 (replaced by SL2023-747)
    pdf, 4481 KB
    Updated procedure due to potential crack in piston crown
  • SL2023-742 (replaced by SL2024-751)
    pdf, 470 KB
    Pre-inspection of turbocharger hot-parts
  • SL2023-741
    pdf, 580 KB
    Biofuel operation
  • SL2023-740
    pdf, 674 KB
  • SL2023-739 NSL
    pdf, 598 KB
    PMI sensors - Two-stroke engines
  • SL2023-738
    pdf, 1016 KB
    Sampling of scavenge drain oil: Adjust feed rate factor in service, and monitor piston ring and cylinder liner wear
  • SL2023-737
    pdf, 1592 KB
    CyIinder lubrication update for operation on ULSFO, VLSFO, biofuel, LNG, LEG, LPG, methanol, and HSFO
  • SL2023-736
    pdf, 590 KB
    MAN NOx sensors – for SCR and EGR
  • SL2023-735
    pdf, 677 KB
    Reconditioning of exhaust valve spindles
  • SL2023-734
    pdf, 811 KB
    Local monitoring control and safety, LMCS base module 2 replacement.
  • SL2023-733
    pdf, 578 KB
    Starting air valve - Failure to close
  • SL2023-732
    pdf, 1195 KB
    Fees for technical assistance and advisory work.
  • SL2022-731
    pdf, 884 KB
    Correct installation of lubricating oil supply valve for the Alpha Lubricator. Non-flow cylinder oil alarm
  • SL2022-730
    pdf, 2614 KB
    Prevention of crankcase explosions. The latest safety components standard
  • SL2022-729
    pdf, 847 KB
    Preventive grinding of exhaust valve seats
  • SL2022-728
    pdf, 508 KB
    Cylinder and system oils MAN B&W low-speed two-stroke engines
  • SL2022-727
    pdf, 772 KB
    Regular dp-RTV and RTV position check of SCR installations
  • SL2022-726
    pdf, 3213 KB
    Service experience with 2020-compliant fuels
  • SL2022-725
    pdf, 681 KB
    Updated evaluation guidelines - piston ring coating and deposit build-up on piston ring lands

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