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Interactive 3D product experience: Explore our two-stroke stroke marine propulsion system

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Take a closer look at a two-stroke marine propulsion system

MAN Energy Solutions has been developing propulsion systems since 1902, constantly increasing their operational reliability, durability, performance and efficiency while reducing environmental impact. This pioneering approach has never changed, only the technologies.

Starting with a comprehensive understanding of the ship's operating profile, we optimize all relevant components: Engine, gearbox, shaft machine, propeller, nozzle, rudder and propulsion control system - including speed setting, maneuvering and load control. No matter how complex your requirements, we can offer a solution that delivers the best propulsion efficiency for your application and gives your vessel a greener profile.

Discover different components in the 3D animation, starting with the two-stroke main engine, turbocharger to GenSets, CP Propeller and control system and our innovative digital offering “PrimeServ Assist”.

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The application is best viewed on a PC or an Android device. Currently, support for WebGL 2.0 for Apple devices is in development and will be supported in upcoming Apple updates.