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Powering sustainable shipping

The global shipping industry is working towards a sustainable future. This means that you will face important choices about the technologies and investments you need in order to stay competitive and at the forefront of compliance for decades to come.
At MAN Energy Solutions, we are helping to shape the sustainability agenda and provide a clear path for you to achieve your goals. As the industry’s trusted partner for class-leading marine systems, we have the expertise and solutions ready now to support whatever decisions you make.

Introduction to future fuels

Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in maritime shipping to meet the 2050 targets requires all parties involved and stakeholders to take action.

No matter what vessel you operate, our proven, fuel-flexible engines and propulsion systems enable you to safeguard your future fuel strategy and allow you to take advantage of favorable market conditions. We can also support you with a complete portfolio of retrofit solutions, upgrades, and services, designed to optimize returns from your existing investments.

Up to
CO2 reduction by using green hydrogen or synthetic fuels
reduction in greenhouse gas emissions intended by 2030 according to the Paris Agreement

Future fuels survey 2022 - results

At the end of 2022 we asked our four-stroke customers to participate in our short survey about Future fuels in the maritime shipping industry. Out of all replies, we have extracted and summarized the most relevant results and are happy to share them now with you.

When do you expect the following fuels and engine attributes to be relevant in your application?

In the short and mid term, biofuels and methanol are expected to take the lead and be most relevant for four-stroke applications in the upcoming years, in parallel to a continuously relevant share of LNG driven vessels.

Mid to long term, additional fuels, such as NH3 ready or even H2 may gain relevance.

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Future fuels for the maritime industry – Download our new white papers

The shipping industry must halve its GHG emissions by 2050. There are many future fuels to choose from. But which one is right for you?   

Learn more about future fuels for the marine industry in our white papers.

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Read more about the different future fuel types and discover our extensive portfolio of products, solutions, and services.

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Would you like to learn more about future fuels and which technologies, solutions, and products best meet your needs?

Our global network of dedicated engineers is happy to point out the perfect-fit solution for you and your business. Start your engines now and reach out to us today.

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potential reductions in CO2 by using LNG

Explore your fuel options

We can now offer multiple options for full fuel flexibility, engine-integrated emission reduction technologies and digital & data-supported operation.
Check out our configurator for two- and four-stroke engines, and find out more.

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Watch the recording of our latest MAN ExpertTalk on alternative fuels for large merchant marine vessels. Get insights into the most promising marine fuels of the expected future fuel mix for two-stroke vessels, namely ammonia, methanol and methane. 

You can also look forward to hearing about the latest product developments and applications as well as reasons why these fuels have the potential to offer a straightforward path for the future maritime energy transition.

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