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Make your fuel gas supply system as efficient as it gets 

The ME-GI/GIE Pump Vaporiser Unit (PVU) is a standardized high-quality pump unit for supply of LNG or ethane to MAN B&W two-stroke ME-GI/GIE engines. With a compact and intelligent design, the PVU provides a lean design and integration in the fuel gas supply system (FGSS). PrimeServ Assist is an integrated part of the PVU and offers 24/7 monitoring as well as the option of servicing the unit remotely. 

The working principle

The PVU is designed to supply LNG/ethane to the pressure and temperature required by the MAN two-stroke ME-GI/GIE engines. The PVU receives cryogenic LNG/ethane supplied by a cryogenic centrifugal pump and is subsequently pressurized by a high pressure reciprocating pump, consisting of three cylinders actuated by linear hydraulic pistons. The pressurized LNG/ethane flows through a compact printed circuit heat exchanger, in which it is heated by warm glycol water. Thereafter the gas is directed towards the gas valve train (GVT) and the engine. The gas pressure delivered to the engine is controlled by hydraulic flow control of the pump. Individual control of the three cryogenic pumps heads, means that the PVUs are still able to operate with only two cold-ends in service, providing the redundancy required by the market. 

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PVU working principle

Key Benefits of the PVU

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High reliability and easy maintenance

The PVU is designed for the highest standards of quality, hence ensuring the best reliability on the market. Easy maintenance is ensured by design with the operators in mind, providing easy access to exchange of spare parts. Further, PrimeServ Assist enables worldwide service surveillance through 24/7 monitoring and controlling.

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Extended Time Between Overhaul

The PVU offers savings to the vessels OPEX through significant increase in Time Between Overhaul (TBO) compared to conventional high pressure pumps.

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Embedded redundancy

Thanks to the compact and intelligent design of the PVU, the cryogenic pumps can be actuated individually, resulting in considerable saving in the complete FGSS. As a result of the PVU’s reduced size and weight, significant cost benefits in relation to installation costs are achieved.

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Less Boil Off Gas

No High Pressure (HP) flow recirculation to LNG tank which leads to less boil off gas (BOG) in the tank.


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