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PrimeServ Assist digital solutions move you to net zero and increase your efficiency

Using cutting-edge digital solutions like PrimeServ Assist is a win-win for marine businesses. It helps you decarbonize while increasing your economic efficiency at the same time. PrimeServ Assist lets you easily stay ahead of the game by optimizing your MAN equipment, software, and systems.

As one of the major pillars of MAN Energy Solutions' digitalization strategy, PrimeServ Assist uses data-driven solutions and software to ensure our customers get the most out of their assets. We constantly develop and improve our technology to increase efficiency and promote safety, as well as secure our customers’ assets against cybercrime.

Our Advise & Assist program is a major component of PrimeServ Assist. It maximizes your productivity by reducing scheduled as well as unscheduled downtime. How? With long-term service agreements that cover all needed repairs, OEM parts, on-site expertise, remote digital support, and maintenance.

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How PrimeServ Assist adds value

PrimeServ Assist gives your business multiple commercial and operational advantages

PrimeServ Assist is a proactive 24/7 service driven by engine specialists in Copenhagen and other places around the world. PrimeServ Assist gives you access to the CEON dashboard, which displays the current condition of your engine. You can also access special dashboards with scatter plots or trend curves to get an even deeper understanding of the engine's behavior. The combination of machine data, advanced analytics, and MAN expertise helps you optimize not only your daily operations, but also the efficiency and maintenance of your marine engines, be they two-stroke or four-stroke, powered by diesel, gas or future fuels.

AI-driven performance


The earlier you know about a potential anomaly or optimization, the earlier the maintenance team can take action. By combining AI algorithms designed specifically for your equipment with our technical experts' unparalleled knowledge, we give you the decision-making insight you need to resolve issues and increase performance. No matter when or where it happens, the moment we notice something that’s not right, you will be instantly notified with details and solutions. Of course, if you notice the problem first, you have direct access to our Remote Operations Center by phone or email.


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Improved vessel operation


The benefits of the digital transformation of engine operation include better risk and resource management, productivity, agility, and profitability. Going digital allows you to go beyond corrective maintenance, which is carried out only when anomalies are detected or in case of failure, and beyond planned or preventive operation, which is carried out at pre-determined intervals. PrimeServ Assist enables condition-based operation. Condition-based operation uses sensor data and analytics to fix issues; it is carried out when pre-defined conditions or thresholds are met. Proactive operation adds AI capabilities to foresee issues.

Condition monitoring


Condition monitoring is essential to the successful operation of all vessels. For high-value, mission-critical assets such as marine engines, it is a cornerstone of risk management and a precondition for maintenance strategies that can significantly improve operational reliability, prevent catastrophic failures and unplanned downtime, and lower OPEX. Lube oil analysis, vibration measurement, and vibration analysis are of vital importance in machinery condition monitoring and proactive maintenance strategy.

Expertise and knowledge for your industry

We are the longstanding experts and leading digital supplier for the Marine, Power, and Turbo industries. We know our marine and power engines as well as turbo compressors inside and out. We know their data backwards and forwards. We share our insights with you to increase your efficiency and maintain your lead – as well as help you achieve net zero. Find out how PrimeServ Assist can help you.


Explore digitalization at MAN Energy Solutions

Our digital solutions – present and future – are modular and can be customized to each business's specific need. From enhancing cybersecurity to optimizing operations, from significantly reducing fuel consumption to ensuring regulatory compliance.

Our years of industry experience combined with the latest digital technology makes us the perfect partner for our clients’ transformation.


Powered by MAN CEON

PrimeServ Assist is powered by MAN CEON, the backbone of our digital services offering, which is securely linked to your equipment via an end-to-end encrypted TLS connection.

MAN CEON receives all relevant operating data in real time from hundreds of sensors on your engines, turbines, and compressors before analyzing it using highly advanced algorithms, machine learning, and AI. The results are constantly monitored by experts who can detect anomalies at an early stage and proactively respond with expert advice and solutions via video and audio live-chats.


Always up, always on

MAN experts are connected by a global network to ensure round-the-clock proactive PrimeServ Assist services. If your organization is interested in MAN PrimeServ Assist, contact us now.


Explore our interactive marine propulsion systems

Click here to access our Interactive Product Experience and see how MAN marine products make sea-going vessels more efficient and reliable. Each of the products shown have their own key features displayed in 3D and explained. Explore our two-stroke main engine, GenSets, turbocharger, CP propeller and control system and our innovative digital offering “PrimeServ Assist”.
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How PrimeServ Assist will help you maximize your equipment availability, safety and efficiency

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How Ibaizabal Tankers benefits from PrimeServ Assist

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A sharp eye to ensure ideal operation

MAN ExpertTalks

  • PrimeServ Assist: new features 2024

    MAN PrimeServ

    Join our digital journey: PrimeServ Assist exclusive insights

    MAN ExpertTalk
    MAN PrimeServ: Join our digital journey 2024 I four-stroke engines

    Ready to revolutionize your approach to digital solutions in the marine and power industry? Register for our new webinar and join our digital journey now. Unlock real-time insights and expert advice tailored for you: 

    ✔ Your asset's performance data on your mobile 
    ✔ Performance score at your fingertips
    ✔ Success stories for inspiration
    We go beyond the numbers and are addressing technical & commercial managers of the marine and power business running on MAN four-stroke engines (medium-speed, large-bore). Get to know to our digital solution "PrimeServ Assist" to monitor your engine in challenging times. Learn more about the latest updates and features.   

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  • Adaptive Cooling
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  • Always at your side
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  • Battery Energy Storage System
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  • Lube oil monitoring
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  • MAN Alpha Propeller
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  • MAN Cryo Fuel Supply System
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  • MAN Engine Vault
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  • MAN selective catalytic reduction system
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  • Operation intelligence
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  • PMI Adaptive Cylinder Control
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  • PrimeServ Assist
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  • PrimeServ Assist Add-on Remote parameter re-configuration
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  • PrimeServ Assist Digitalization
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  • PrimeServ Assist Four-stroke Brochure
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  • PrimeServ Assist General Brochure
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  • PrimeServ Assist Lube oil monitoring Add-on
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  • PrimeServ digital services
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  • PTO Interface Option C
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  • Reliable and smokeless start
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  • Remote parameter re-configuration
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Join our digital journey: PrimeServ Assist exclusive insights

Ready to revolutionize your approach to digital solutions in the marine and power industry? Register for our new webinar and join our digital journey. Unlock real-time insights and expert advice tailored for you: 

  • Your asset's performance data on your mobile 
  • Performance score at your fingertips
  • Success stories for inspiration

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