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Get all your major equipment serviced in just one stop 

Omnicare provides one-stop service solutions for our customers’ critical equipment and components in the engine room. PrimeServ covers maintenance, repair and spare part supply for engines, turbochargers and auxiliary equipment from non-MAN manufacturers. You will benefit from a single high-quality service provider with more than 100 service locations around the world, reducing the complexity and cost of servicing your fleet. We have a proven track record of delivering excellent service solutions and technical expertise to help you get the most out of your existing assets and protect your bottom line.

more than 100 service hubs for total geographic coverage
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Technical service

MAN PrimeServ operates more than 100 strategically situated service locations around the world. Each location is a centre for expertise on standard maintenance, troubleshooting and breakdowns for selected manufacturers of two-stroke and four-stroke engines, turbochargers as well as other auxiliary equipment for both marine and stationary applications.

In addition to one-off enquires for maintenance and/or repairs, we also provide planned maintenance agreements. We tailor such agreements to your specific needs in terms of the service’s scope and regularity. We also have experience in, and can accommodate, situations where the customer provides the necessary spare parts and components for the agreed scope while PrimeServ ensures high-quality service.

PrimeServ workshop

Workshop and repairs

Our workshops offer a wide range of maintenance and repair solutions to extend the lifetime of your engine components. As an OEM we fulfil all required standards concerning quality and maintenance or reconditioning procedures. All our workshops are ISO-certified and equipped with the latest standard of machinery and tools to carry out all required processes.

Our turbocharger repair shops are specialised in reconditioning and repairing the precision high-speed parts of your turbocharger, including balancing the rotor and repairing turbine blades. With service engineers trained at both MAN and MET (Mitsubishi), you benefit from the best-trained service personnel with knowledge of the latest turbocharger technologies.

Omnicare Workshop Services include:

  • Cylinder heads
  • Pistons
  • Cylinder liners
  • Coolers
  • Connecting rods and marine heads
  • Fuel injection pumps and valves
  • Lube oil and cooling water pumps
  • Vibration dampers
  • Turbochargers
Turbocharger maintenance

Authorized Service Partners

Cooperation with other equipment manufacturers is an essential pillar of Omnicare’s global offering. PrimeServ is authorized by a number of OEMs to ensure strong technical support and genuine OEM spare parts for your equipment. We are constantly working to extend our global service portfolio. You can read about the current global and regional authorizations for third-party engines and equipment below.

MET turbochargers


Engines designed by MAN Energy Solutions have been equipped with Mitsubishi turbochargers for more than four decades. As an authorized repair agent, MAN PrimeServ has offered service, maintenance and repair work for the MET turbocharger series for over 15 years. We maintain the same standards for the Mitsubishi turbocharger series as for our own MAN equipment. Our engineers are qualified for MET service, and spare parts fitted on your turbocharger are from the original equipment manufacturer.

Thanks to the recent expansion of our network, which now consists of seven strategically located service centres, we are now represented in all regions near major ports or dry docks. PrimeServ is currently an authorized MET repair agent in Singapore, Dubai, Qatar, Panama, Antwerp, Valencia and Los Angeles. We will furthermore be expanding to more locations soon.

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CENTA flexible couplings


PrimeServ is a global authorised service provider for CENTA flexible couplings, enhancing the competences of the entire service network as well as improving our service level for our customers. Our PrimeServ network offers coupling inspections and element replacements as part of the service scope of your engines, ensuring the optimal lifetime of your assets and minimising unplanned downtime. You benefit from a single global service provider for both your engine and your flexible coupling, reducing the complexity and cost of scheduling the maintenance of your fleet. If a breakdown occurs, you can rely on PrimeServ’s trained service engineers to identify the root cause and provide high-quality service and genuine OEM spare parts.

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C.C.JENSEN Lube Oil Filtration


MAN PrimeServ is the authorised partner of C.C.JENSEN and offers CJC® lube oil filters for retrofit and new applications. These lube oil filters for two- and four-stroke engines provide owners and operators with a simple, cost-effective and efficient method for maintaining lube oil quality that meets MAN’s lube oil cleanliness requirements. This replaces other lube oil maintenance methods, enabling you to achieve significant cost savings while lowering your environmental impact by reducing energy and oil consumption.

The CJC® lube oil filter system is installed offline, similar to, for example, a centrifuge, except all aspects of its installation, operation and maintenance are much more simple. The simplicity of the oil filter and its control system make it ideal for retrofitting as well as new installations. There is no need to heat up the oil before the cleaning process, no need for treated water or pressurized service air, and the filter unit has a small footprint.

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PMI recalibration service

Boosting efficiency relies on optimizing energy conversion in the combustion chamber. We aim to continuously improve combustion processes to save fuel and reduce CO2 emissions. PMI (Performance Measurement Indicator) is an integrated part of the Engine Control System, required for the correct commissioning of the engine and operating the engine in service. According to the IMO and the manufacturer’s recommendations the calibration sensor and the calibration box should be recalibrated every 5 years. Trust MAN PrimeServ as the approved calibration center for PMI.

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PrimeServ sign joint MAN and MET turbocharger LTSA with Northern Marine Management Ltd

Description: The agreement covers scheduled maintenance for all turbochargers in the Northern Marine fleet – in total about 183 MAN and 25 Mitsubishi (MET) turbochargers of various types. The contract managers located in Augsburg and in Schiedam are proactively organizing and monitoring overhauls worldwide with the support of our service network. The recently introduced MAN- and MET-type turbocharger maintenance kits are an essential pillar of the agreement and will ensure smooth and trouble-free execution of maintenance jobs.

Equipment: Turbochargers

Country: Worldwide maintenance

Year of Reference: 2022

Managed from: PrimeServ Germany and Netherlands

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Omnicare is a complete service and maintenance solution for all your equipment, regardless of OEM. This means that no matter where you are or when you need it, your assets are optimized for performance, availability, and lifetime value. If you are looking to simplify your fleet or plant management with greater cost-efficiency and peace of mind, contact us today.

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