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Integrally geared compressors

For the highest efficiency, our multi-shaft integrally geared compressors feature individually selectable impeller speed, optimized pinion speed and different compressor sections in one casing.
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Integrally geared compressors are used in industrial gases, oil and gas, CO2, urea, purified terephthalic acid or nitric acid processes. They can also be used as fuel gas boosters for large-scale gas turbines.


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    Get the best machinery for your carbon capture system. Explore our compression solutions for carbon capture, utilization, and storage.

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High efficiency for a wide range of applications

Fully adaptable to your needs, our integrally geared compressors typically stand for high efficiency and a speedy return on investment.

Regardless of which application you are running, our integrally geared compressors are the ideal choice for your business. They are fully flexible and can be adapted exactly to your requirements.

How you benefit:

  • Individually selectable impeller speed for optimum flow and costs
  • Quasi-isothermal compression
  • Different compression sections within one casing
  • Up to three combined applications within one casing.

The integrally geared range: From a modular design to custom-made.

With extreme modularity, this machine can be tailor-made to your particular requirements whilst losing none of its durability.

Have your compressor tailored just the way you want it to be: Starting from thermodynamic and mechanical design to manufacturing of specific parts, to assembly and testing.


  • Industrial gases
  • Refinery
  • Fuel gas
  • Energy storage
maximum flow rate
maximum power
maximum number of impellers

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The MAN Energy Solutions RG integrally geared compressor range: Fully flexible, efficient and reliable.

Whether you’re in the oil and gas industry or deal with other industrial processes, you can choose the perfectly tailor-made compressor from our RG range. Talk to us to find out more.

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