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Workshops at MAN Energy Solutions Pakistan

At MAN Energy Solutions Pakistan we offer workshop services in Lahore and Karachi. Our workshops are equipped with the latest machines and tools to deliver the parts within the shortest possible time. We optimize the maintenance plans through regular inspections, punctual delivery of spare parts and training of employees.

Services in Lahore and Karachi

At both locations we offer the service for the overhaul of four-stroke diesel engines and standard overhaul, inspections and upgrades by Turbocharger on site and in the workshop. We carry out maintenance work on the following engines:

  • MAN 9L 21/31
  • MAN 18V 48/60
  • MAN 14V 32/40
  • MAN 5L 27/38
  • MAN 7L 28/32
  • MAN 18V 28/32

Service applications:

  • Cylinder head repair with reconditioning, valve grinding, seat cutting and pressure testing
  • Cylinder liner honing (100-580 mm)
  • Ultrasonic thickness testing
  • Surface roughness checking
  • Hardness testing
  • Video/ Boroscopy
  • Surface crack testing (die penetrant testing, florescent light testing, magnetic particle induction)


We take over the commissioning of engines and steam turbines and also the provision of EPC services (limited scope) for steam turbines and small company-owned power plants.

In the marine sector, we carry out repairs and maintenance of four-stroke and two-stroke engines including MAN engines as well as other brands. This also include the replacement of crankshafts of MAN 18V/48/60 engines.

Overhauls & repairs

Our skills and competencies are in the area engine overhaul and troubleshooting as well as repair of the cylinder head, the seat grinding and lapping.

The rehabilitation of shafts as well as repairs to the fuel injection are also part of our expertise like generator alignment and crankshaft line boring.

Rotor balancing

Our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment allows us high-precision rotor balancing. We also take over the overhaul and troubleshooting of steam- and gas turbines as well as compressors (radial and axial).

Repairs of turbine blades and turbine shafts are also part of our portfolio like coupling alignments and complete train alignments. 

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