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The Energy Efficiency eXisting ship Index (EEXI) is a new IMO regulation that aims to reduce CO2 emissions of existing vessels by setting minimum requirements for technical efficiency.

EEXI comes into force on 1 January 2023. Any vessels over 400Gt failing to meet the requirements between this date and 31 december 2023 (depending on the schedule of their first survey during this period) risk being detained in port and fined.

MAN PS provides MAN OPL solutions for MC and ME engines needed to become EEXI compliant. As your trusted partner, we will support you with the solution and installation, saving you time and money, and provide guidance on how our retrofit modifications for EEXI can also contribute toward an optimal Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) rating.


Dorte Kubel explains how EEXI can affect you

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Time is running out

The EEXI deadline is approaching fast, and time is short to avoid a potential retrofit installation bottleneck as other shipowners get on board.

Don’t wait - contact our specialists to start the compliance process now.

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EEXI Flex Solution

MAN PrimeServ offers an EEXI Flex Solution for all vessel- and MAN engine types. EEXI Flex is a solution that requires the vessel to limit its engine power to achieve EEXI compliance, however the owner wishes to undertake on their own the EEXI assessment report and EEXI technical file. This solution includes MAN Overridable Power Limitation (OPL) for either MC or ME type engines.

As the original designers, we know your engines better than anyone else, which means you can have complete confidence in the reliability and performance of your compliance solution.

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    In this ExpertTalk, we explore the advantages of MAN PrimeServ´s solutions for 4-stroke customers & CPP configurations to comply with the latest EEXI regulations.

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    In this MAN ExpertTalk presentation, we explore more about MAN EEXI solution and the installation process.

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MAN OPL for MC is a measure to limit the main engines Maximum Continuous Rating (MCR), with the possibility
to be overridden if safety of the vessel is compromised. The MAN OPL is a mechanical stopper device for limiting the fuel index. It is easily overridable and tamper proof.


The OPL stopper is installed on the original fuel index stop and can be removed if full engine power is required. Once removed the original fuel index stop is revealed and full engine power is available.
The OPL stopper is secured and locked by a unique wire seal with parts number and IMO number. The wire seal can only be installed if the OPL stopper is secured in the correct position.

For MC engines, the OPL solution allows easy release and secures the reset of power limitation with no risk of

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MAN OPL for ME engines is a solution that consists of software and hardware, where the engine power is limited
electronically by installing a new software release and parameter file. The OPL is controlled by a remote operating panel consisting of a switch and control lamps that are installed either on the Bridge or in the Engine Control Room (ECR).


MAN OPL is a measure to limit the main engine’s Maximum Continuous Rating (MCR), with the possibility to be overridden if safety of the vessel is compromised. For ME engines, the engine power is limited electronically by the engine control system (ECS).

The MAN OPL can be released and reset from Bridge or Engine Control Room. In the Engine Control System (ECS) it is possible to limit the engine power. The ECS is constantly calculating the load of the engine, based on the engine speed, fuel index and cylinder pressures (if applicable). Until the power limit is reached the fuel index will remain unlimited.

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MAN OPL Alphatronic


MAN Overridable Power Limitation (OPL) for Alphatronic is a solution designed for all vessels equipped with MAN Alphatronic controllable pitch propeller (CPP) configurations in order to comply with the new EEXI regulations.

MAN OPL for Alphatronic limits the main engine’s Maximum Continuous Rating (MCR), with the possibility to be overridden. The OPL is implemented as a software package in the existing MAN ES Alphatronic CPP remote control system. Hereafter, the limits are set and controlled by the remote control system (OPL activated/overridden). A remote operating push-button, normally installed on the main bridge, controls if the OPL is activated or overridden.

As the engine load equals the propeller thrust (pitch angle and rpm), and all relevant and required signals are available in the remote control system (index, charge air pressure, rpm, pitch etc.), the overall main engine load is managed by the CPP Remote control system. MAN OPL Alphatronic constantly calculates the load of the engine, based on above signals – and thereby secures EEXI compliance.

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MAN OPL Engines (4s)


MAN Overridable Power Limitation (OPL) Engine is a solution that ensures compliance with IMO’s EEXI regulations. MAN OPL Engine is designed for vessels with MAN four-stroke medium speed main engine(s) and diesel-mechanic propulsion in controllable pitch propeller (CPP) configuration without the MAN Alphatronic propulsion control system. It limits the main engine’s Maximum Continuous Rating (MCR). It is overridable and the engine can run in full power in case of emergency. The OPL is implemented in a modified PLC-based interface between the existing main engine(s) control and propulsion control systems.
According to the EEXI guidelines, the limitation should be always active. The remaining power (so-called power reserve) can be used when the system is manually overridden in case of emergency. If the ship’s master sees the necessity of such an override, a remote operating knob, normally installed on the main bridge, controls the OPL function. Each action in the OPL function must be reported and logged in the onboard management manual (OMM).

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cll-ratingAlong with the EEXI, the Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) will enter into force from 2023. CII is defined as CO2 emissions per transport task (CO2/dwt x nautical mile). It is calculated based on a vessel’s mandatory annual fuel report to the IMO.

With the introduction of CII, vessels will be rated from A (best) to E (worst). This rating can have a direct effect on the vessel’s commercial value, in terms of fuel efficiency, charter value, insurance cost, port fees, and depreciation. Vessels rated D for three consecutive years or vessels rated E will have to make a plan to improve their rating.

If your vessel requires modifications to meet EEXI standards, it is advisable to use this as an opportunity to invest in solutions that contribute towards an optimal CII rating. Our experts can help you to understand what is possible and the benefits it can bring to your business over the longer term.

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Time is running out - EEXI comes into force on 1 January 2023
MAN PrimeServ provides a single source for everything you need to comply


  • MAN Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) Solutions
    pdf, 341 KB
  • MAN OPL EEXI Overridable Power Limitation Alphatronic
    pdf, 363 KB
  • EEXI Overridable Power Limitation ME
    pdf, 481 KB
  • MAN OPL EEXI Overridable Power Limitation MC
    pdf, 436 KB

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