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We at MAN PrimeServ build future-oriented yet robust service solutions that deliver both immediate and long-term value. We have the proven track record of delivering excellence in service solutions and technical expertise to help you get the most out of your exisiting assets and protect your bottom line. Get to know our new and special service solutions from our comprehensive portfolio of MAN PrimeServ.

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    PrimeServ maintenance kits

    The turbocharger is constantly working under extreme conditions. Discover how MAN PrimeServ kits for turbochargers make their maintenance easy for you.

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  • Baleria

    How Balearia retrofitted its engines for the future

    Decarbonization is the future of shipping: in this article, you discover how Spain's largest shipping company retrofitted its engines with dual-fuel-LNG-engines.

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  • header image annealing-article

    Big end bearing failure? No problem!

    A severe damage to the 7L58/64CD engine with an enormous challenge: The crankpin hardness was much too high, necessitating a special in-situ process: annealing.

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  • Multifunction-Monitoring-System

    Multifunction Monitoring System

    Our Multifunctional Monitoring System gives you real-time insight in the parameters that matter most

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  • One-hundret-thousand running hours

    One Hundred Thousand Running Hours

    How far can an engine take a ship? The answer is – with the right engine – very far indeed. So far that an impressive number of engines from MAN Energy Solutions have achieved this magical threshold of over 100,000 operating hours. What is special about this? A car that is driven 10,000 km in one year may reach 200 to 300 operating hours. You would therefore need over 300 years to achieve 100,000 operating hours in this way.

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  • Propeller hubs and blades

    At MAN Energy Solutions Propeller Maintenance Concept covers all your key needs, including inspection, 3D measurement, reshaping or replacing blades, and overhaul of hub windows.

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  • Reconditioning exchange

    At the MAN Service Center Denmark we have large stocks of reconditioned parts for exchange and we refurbish parts with our precise manufacturer’s knowledge of measurements and materials.

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  • Project management

    At the PrimeServ Service Center Denmark you get a personal technical project manager to support you with your service needs from the planning to project completion and beyond.

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