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Changing the role of carbon in industry 

MAN Energy Solutions offers a range of advanced technologies for decarbonization that includes highly efficient compression solutions together with longstanding experience in high-pressure CO2 compression and plant designs. The compression of CO2 allows it to be stored in depleted oil fields or saline aquifers. Instead of choosing sequestration, you can also opt to transform the CO2 into useful products in a plant further down the line. Whichever option you chose, you can rely on our outstanding range of compressors to achieve the desired result.

first commercial-scale CCS project with MAN ES integrally geared compressor
integrally geared CO2 compressors installed worldwide
approximate cost per t CO2 produced

Design your business case with carbon capture

Each industrial process creates CO2 and other emissions. Reducing these emissions effectively is a major headache for many businesses. MAN Energy Solutions technologies can support the extraction of a pure source of CO2 from your plant's emissions using various processes. We supply the technology for the compression of CO2/super-critical CO2, for the liquefaction of  CO2 and for heat recovery and heat integration for your process plant.

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Key benefits

  • Leading expertise and experience

    More than 30 years of expertise in compression technology has put us in the lead: Our integrally geared systems set the standard for carbon compression and have the most references for high-flow and high-pressure applications worldwide. Our in-depth knowledge extends to cooling systems and drying technologies, and we have cutting-edge digital capabilities to optimize all carbon capture, storage, and utilization processes.

  • CO2 becomes a commodity

    Industrial plant is integrated  into a new energy infrastructure centered on CO2 utilization and renewable hydrogen. Industrial plant is connected  with other industries and sectors including transport, utilities, municipalities, and renewable energy.

  • Emission reduction

    Reduction of carbon emissions, especially in hard-to-abate sectors. Companies in these industries can achieve their decarbonization goals with the support of partners like MAN, which has a spirit of innovation and many years of experience in CO2 compression solutions. Adapted processes ensure that CO2 isn't released into the atmosphere, but is safely stored or becomes a useful material within the utilization process.

Developing versatile compression solutions along the entire CO2 value chain

Modular components for CCUS

Our modular approach reduces project complexity and lead times, mitigates risks, and keeps down CAPEX. MAN CCUS features modular compression solutions for all available capture technologies.

Best-in-class compressor technology.

Our MAN RG integrally geared compressor is well proven in high-flow and high-pressure applications. High flexibility, extreme efficiency, and low operating costs make it the best choice for your carbon compression, transportation, and sequestration needs. 

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million tons of CO₂ compressed with MAN machines
mio €
approximate OPEX savings for 200 t/h CO2 from 1 to 160 bar at €60 per MWh
coupling power for possible heat recovery

What our customer value

From 2024, the HeidelbergCement Norcem factory in Norway will capture 400,000 tons of CO2 per year, representing 50% of its overall emissions. The carbon will be compressed and liquefied with an MAN RG compressor train and technologies from Aker Carbon Capture, and then transported by ship to an underground storage location.

CustomerHeidelberg Materials (Norway)
MAN’s work scopeRG 63-7 compressor train with integrated carbon capture heat recovery (CCHR®) technology 
TaskCompression of 400.000t CO2 per year and reduce energy consumption for steam generation by 30 % 
FunctionCompression of CO2, liquification of CO2, heat recovery within the process


Go into detail with our white papers

Modular MAN CCUS

Mountains and the skyModularization will play a key role in scaling up carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) as needed. With its unique expertise and skills, MAN CCUS offers modularized compression solutions for every capture technology. Based on years of experience in the compression of dry and wet CO2 and over a million hours of operation in CCUS applications, the modules are engineered to reduce delivery and erecting times.

Download white paper

Decarbonization with MAN CCUS

Mountains and the skyCCUS is an efficient way to decarbonize and couple sectors. Find out more about how industrial plants can integrate into a new energy infrastructure in our recent white paper.

Download white paper

CO2 reduction toolbox

Mountains and the skyTechnologies are available that reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Download our new white paper to find out more about these technologies and decide which one is suitable for your business. We do not have the luxury of waiting; our carbon budget is running out. We must act now. Decisively. Rapidly.

Download white paper

Join our upcoming MAN ExpertTalks and events

  • Energy & Storage

    Turbomachinery Pump Symposium


    TPS is a vital industry event, offering a forum for the exchange of ideas between rotating equipment engineers and technicians worldwide. TPS is known for its impact on turbomachinery, pump, oil & gas, petrochemical, power, aerospace, chemical and water industries. Topics cover maintenance, reliability, troubleshooting, instruction on emerging designs, technology, and best practices that include case studies with real-world relevance on problems solved and lessons learned.

    Visit the expo website here.

  • CCUS

    MAN modularized carbon compression solutions

    MAN ExpertTalk
    , 10:00 11:00
    (W. Europe Standard Time)

    From cement to chemicals, from power generators to refineries: Large carbon footprints are a challenge for heavy industries. Progressively lower emission caps and increasing tax incentives for decarbonization are putting more and more pressure on huge CO2 emitters to find quick ways to implement carbon capture plants. Compression is a significant aspect of carbon capture, with high requirements in terms of its efficiency, availability and pricing. Furthermore, compressor plants must be easy, quick and safe to erect, especially in remote areas with poor infrastructure.

    MAN has the answer with its efficient, reliable, modularized, and well proven CO2 compression technology. Our modular approach reduces project complexity and lead times, mitigates risks, and keeps down CAPEX. Join us on this Expert Talk focusing on the latest innovations in modular carbon capture.
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Looking to minimize your greenhouse gas emissions? Need to comply with environmental regulations?

Talk to us to find out more about how the innovative technology we offer, such as carbon capture and waste heat recovery, can dramatically improve your business's environmental record.

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