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Chemicals – a refined material in high demand

The chemical industry has been shaping our lives for a long time – this is very unlikely to change any time soon. In fact, chemicals reach every aspect of our existence. Technological innovation from MAN Energy Solutions makes the industry more sustainable and profitable.

Supplying chemicals to the world

Environmental and economic considerations are shaping the industry 


Countless industries work with a long list of chemicals. These are used in the production of resins or paints, of hormones, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers or other products. 

Global demand for these products is rising constantly. On top of this rise in demand, these industries face an increasing necessity to control energy costs and to improve their environmental footprint. Squaring this circle is difficult - technological innovation is the only way to go. Cutting waste, reducing production costs, using larger reactors, re-using energy and by-products: there are many options to go for a more efficient future. 


B €
world chemical sales in 2018
global sales growth 2016-2017
people around the globe are employed directly or indirectly by the chemical industry

Equipment you can rely on 

For the production of dozens of different chemical compounds, MAN Energy Solutions tubular reactor technology is a crucial component. Our customers rely on our equipment for their profitable, efficient and safe production of chemicals.

Power-to-X (PTX)

Chemicals_4PTX processes also known as: 

  • Power-to-gas (PTG)
  • Power-to-liquid (PTL)

PTX processes are used for the production of: 

  • Power-to-liquid (PTL)
  • E-methanol (MeOH)
  • Synthetic fuels
  • Synthetic natural gas (SNG), renewable methane

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Compression equipment

One of the compression equipments for Process IndustryOur oil-free process gas screw compressor runs without oil injection. This eliminates the threat of a contaminated end product. Our compressors are extremely reliable, need minimal maintenance and downtime and have been a trusted piece of machinery all over the globe for many decades. 

Another very popular compressor in the chemical industry is our centrifugal compressor range. We offer both barrel type (RB) and horizontally split type (RH) design. Our centrifugal compressors have a pre-designed sealing system for easy assembly and generally require very little downtime or maintenance.

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Developing your process – Bridging laboratory research to commercial reactors

Your R&D is the starting point for new products or catalyst developments. To minimize your exposure, we run pilot reactor tests in our technical center. These deliver the data required for an eventual scale-up and bridge the path to production in large reactors.

Equally, should the conditions of your process have changed – such as using a new catalyst, different feed or higher throughput – you can use our service of pilot plant tests in order to optimize your evolved process.

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Our screw compressors at work in the chemical industry

Styrene monomer production

Screw compressor rendered image

This vacuum compressor features a high pressure ratio. A water injection technique allows for the production of high pressure using a single-stage compressor. This also prevents polymerization. As molecular weight of the gas is relatively low MAN Energy Solutions screw compressors serving as positive displacement compressors are the optimum choice for this application.

Country China 
Year completed 2017
Duty Vacuum compressor
Type 2x screw compressors type SKUEL816
Scope 1x vacuum compressor
Driver Steam turbine

Soda ash plant

Soda ash plant

By going for size, the customer reduced costs (one compressor instead of two) and increased production volume. In fact, this is the largest screw compressor for a soda ash plant ever delivered. The extreme reliability of the product allows for overall cost reduction.

Country India
Customer Nirma, one of India’s leading manufacturers of soaps and detergents
Year completed 2016
Scope 1x steam turbine driven screw compressor, SKUEL816

Decarbonizing with industrial-scale heat pumps

What is the simple alternative to producing heat with fossil fuels? Heat pumps. Find out how our heat pump solutions can make your energy more flexible and efficient, reduce carbon emissions, integrate renewables, lower costs, and much more.


  • Esbjerg heat pump reference case
    pdf, 1107 KB

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