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Modernize your refinery operations

Cut emissions and make your operations competitive with our modernization and refinery solutions. We look at every step in your process and have the technology to support you in cutting sulfur and other emissions whilst modernizing your plant with minimal downtime.

Everything you need from a single source

Refinery businesses are extremely cost-sensitive. Every hour of downtime is prohibitively expensive. At the same time, your machinery trains and auxiliary technology must be brought up to date to cover the growing global demand for low-sulfur fuels and to comply with general national or international pollution restrictions.

At MAN Energy Solutions, we offer a complete overhaul of your refinery operations from a single source. We look at every single component, from "block valve to block valve" to see where our technology could optimize your processes. Increased efficiency means lower emissions, while short downtimes mean cost control. Our turnkey plug-and play solutions have minimized interfaces and less engineering, making operations less liable to break down. Our fast-track execution and installation guarantee you a fast return on Investment, making the investment decision easier. 

global increase in diesel and gasoline production over the past five decades
fluctuation in crude oil spot prices over the past five years

Special services to modernize your plant

Modularized system package solutions

This process sees our experts descend on your operations to look at every single aspect and component. From core mechanics to drivetrain and auxiliaries: Our expert engineers use advanced analytics to scrutinize your operations and recommend possible improvements. We test, design and supply compressors and steam or gas turbines. Drivetrains include a motor, gearbox couplings, variable-frequency drives and transformers.

For skid, we look at lube oil systems, dry gas seal panels, anti-surge control, instrumentation and local wiring. For an extended scope, we also check coolers, valves, piping, field wiring and instrumentation as well as scrubbers. We configure the train, the system engineering and the controls to the optimal level. All of this will be executed with minimal downtime and from one trusted source.

MAN PrimeServ keeps your turbomachinery running

Our service engineers provide preventive maintenance, assist your troubleshooting, and get your facilities up and running in no time – wherever and whenever you need them.

How you benefit:

  • Fast, reliable and expert customer support
  • Bespoke service agreements
  • Global service - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
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Do you need to revamp your refinery operations? Are you interested in cutting sulfur and other emissions?

We offer our customers a complete overhaul from a single source, looking at each aspect of their operations. See how we can assist you in modernizing your business.

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