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MAN B&W ME-GA with superior EGR design

The MAN B&W ME-GA two-stroke dual-fuel LNG engine is the perfect fit for most contemporary LNG carrier designs. Based on the proven MAN B&W dual-fuel design, the ME-GA enables an easy integration into LNG carriers. Performance is optimized by the proven MAN exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) design. The engine uses an efficient ignition concept, while a unique gas admission system ensures safe and reliable operation. The engine benefits from a proven and cost efficient EGR design that reduces methane slip emissions compared to first-generation, first-generation Otto cycle engines without EGR. The low-pressure fuel gas supply system (FGSS) is easy to integrate and offers low maintenance costs.

More than
engines ordered since May 2021
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Proven MAN EGR based on more than a decade of development and improvements

Easy integration in LNG carrier designs

In addition to the advantages of using boil-off gas from LNG carriers, the MAN B&W ME-GA is exceptionally cost-efficient in other ways, such as its minimal installation and operational costs, simple supply and purging concepts, and the low maintenance costs of the fuel gas supply system. In combination with the cost-effective and proven EGR design, this puts the ME-GA engine in a very strong position compared to other two-stroke low-pressure LNG engines.

The well-known engine room design simplifies installation, and the distinctive features from the ME-GI platform are familiar to many crews.

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Next-generation performance and efficiency

Key features

  • Minimal installation and optimized performance
  • Well-known engine room design similar to ME-C and ME-GI
  • Proven EGR design for significantly lower NOx, COand methane slip emissions
  • Minimised installation costs
  • Unique gas admission system enabling safe and reliable operation,
    at lowest possible costs
  • Robust piston ring package with three piston rings and uniform pressure drop
  • Simple pilot fuel system that can burn VLSFO/MGO
  • Worldwide service network providing maximum availability

ME-GA-opti feature

  • New engine-control software for MAN B&W ME-GA, with no additional hardware required
  • Comprises an advanced and intelligent network of control algorithms
  • It has been developed to optimize the combustion process on an individual-cylinder basis for ensuring optimal operating conditions
  • Reduction of the influencing factors for Otto-cycle engines that are related to ambient temperature, pressure and humidity
  • Enables maximum and stable gas potential for the engine
  • Reduction of fuel-ratio control activation – ME-GA-opti is able to adapt the engine’s running conditions as the combustion moves towards the pre-ignition limit

Service solutions for optimum cost efficiency

MAN PrimeServ offers advanced modernization solutions to optimize the reliability, availability, and economic efficiency of existing equipment. Furthermore, MAN’s modernization and retrofit solutions are tailor-made to customers’ specific applications and machinery. 
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The new MAN B&W ME-GA low-pressure two-stroke dual-fuel engine is built to support your power needs today and for the future. 

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  • In detail

    MAN B&W ME-GA - The perfect fit for your LNG carrier

    In this MAN ExpertTalk we take a closer look at MAN B&W ME-GA and the new ME-GA-opti feature. You can look forward to hear about recent news on the engine type, a successfully completed gas trial, and learn much more about ME-GA-opti, the latest and most advanced control feature for the ME-GA engine that significantly improves its operation.

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  • In detail

    The MAN B&W ME-GA dual-fuel two-stroke engine

    This paper introduces the unique on-engine gas admission system and discusses the new engine optimization achieved with the proven EGR system. Here you can find out more about the ME-GA’s premixed Otto principle, and how the the engine’s efficient performance is the result of an EGR solution developed in-house. The high-pressure EGR solution has been optimized for the ME-GA engine with performance-enhancing results, which include high efficiency, significantly reduced methane slip, and Tier III compliance when operating on conventional fuel oils.

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  • ME-GA - The latest dual-fuel MAN B&W two-stroke engine
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The perfect fit for your LNG carrier - MAN B&W ME-GA

Sign up for the recording of our MAN ExpertTalk where we took a closer look at the MAN B&W ME-GA and the new ME-GA-opti feature.

Further, you can look forward to our latest updates on the engine type and the successfully completed gas trial.

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