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Every mission is different

Asymmetric threats such as piracy and military confrontations in critical trade areas have increased sharply – threatening global maritime trade. The defense and protection of maritime borders requires the full operational readiness of the fleet. Ships deployed for defense purposes must therefore cover a broad and complex range of tasks. This means high requirements for the crew and machinery.

The engines on board naval vessels must meet the highest standards – reliability and performance for use on the open sea are of enormous importance. Ship performance can make the difference between mission success and failure, so reliable and flexible engines are needed. The new generation of our MAN Marine high-speed series 175D-ML”+" stands for even more power, even more reliability, safety and compactness. Safety is the be-all and end-all of any mission. The crew on board patrol, war or amphibious and support vessels are dependent on the reliability of the engines. Critical operations are often a matter of minutes, quick response and maneuverability. The engines not only have to deliver the required power – they set the pace for the respective mission. The powerful diesel engine MAN 175D-ML”+" is a guarantee for successful operations thanks to its ease of operation, uncomplicated maintenance and high reliability.

More safety, more power

Whether for fast patrol boats, large support vessels, offshore patrol vessels, or full-fledged naval combat ships, MAN Energy Solutions offers marine propulsion systems that are perfectly tailored to every type of ship. With a wide range of highly efficient, reliable and robust engines that meet the latest requirements for shock capability, lowest noise level and power density, we have the perfect solutions for complex requirements. For example, operation must be feasible both in patrol mode and during sprints at maximum speed. No problem for the new high-performance MAN 20V175D-ML”+" engine – with an output of up to 4400 kW, it is predestined for a wide variety of tasks on the high seas. Today's engines are constantly evolving – each new innovation presents a new challenge. Control systems therefore play a crucial role in getting the best possible performance out of the engine. SaCoSone (Safety and Control System on engine) from MAN Energy Solutions does just that, withstanding even the toughest operating conditions. The MAN SaCoSone safety and control system ensures safe monitoring, control and operation of the engine – it increases the efficiency and operational safety of the engine through multiple and comprehensive functions that affect every important component and activity of the engine.

In addition to focusing on performance and safety, MAN Energy Solutions is committed to steadily reducing the environmental impact of our engines. Thanks to integrated SCR (selective catalytic reduction) technology, the nitrogen oxide (NOX) emissions produced during the combustion process in the diesel engine are subsequently converted into elemental nitrogen (N₂) and water (H₂O) in a catalytic converter. This significantly reduces nitrogen oxide (NOX) emissions in the exhaust gas.

MAN 175D

The MAN 175D high-speed solutions combine reliable performance with unparalleled compactness – maximum fuel efficiency with the lowest possible emissions makes these products a safe investment for the future.

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Output of up to 4,400 kW

MAN PrimeServ provides 24/7 service across the globe

Our range of services includes technical support, consulting and OEM spares, as well as maintenance, repair and comprehensive individualized service plans.

How you benefit:

  • Prompt delivery of high-demand OEM spare parts within 24 hours
  • Fast, reliable, and competent customer support 
  • Ongoing training and qualification of operators and maintenance staff
  • Diagnosis and troubleshooting with our high-performance online service.
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Achieve next level readiness with MAN Full ILS

Our aim is to provide you with absolute maximum reliability and readiness for your missions. With MAN Full ILS we take this goal far beyond the engine and equipment itself. Through in-depth information, manuals, as well as military-grade documentation, you can ensure unparalleled performance, while cutting operating time, costs and reducing complexity. All information is handed over with the purchase of your engine, so 100% of our focus can go to the mission on hand.

Your mechanical roadmap with Propulsion System Integration

MAN can offer consulting expertise to shipyards in the most specific and technical matters, and across all aspects of construction. We assist with selected technical challenges, as well as offer a single point of contact between Consulting, Engineering and Production. As such, we enable you to take on more complex constructions, while reducing coordination efforts, risks and costs, and increasing a ships’ life duration.

Extraordinary power for your business

MAN Energy Solutions is the right partner to innovate your business and move forward to a successful future with the MAN 175D. Get in touch now and find your perfect fit.
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