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Reliability and performance for naval operations

The naval defense segment is growing in the face of national security concerns. Naval vessels, with their broad range of tasks, are now in the front line more than ever to protect national interests and security, as well as to support allies.

As long-term partners of the defense market, we are aware of the requirements and constraints of each application and can design precisely tailored solutions, balancing reliability, sustainability, and technological independence.

MAN engines in naval operations
navies rely on MAN engines to ensure full operational readiness
years of experience in marine engineering

Designed for naval applications

Our products are engineered for extraordinary demands. From reduced noise emissions to adaptive fuel supply mechanisms, we cater to the distinct requisites of naval missions. And to meet the needs of the modern era, our solutions are built with sustainability in mind, aligning with legislative environmental norms.

Logistic and support ships

Offshore patrol vessels

Inshore and fast patrol crafts

Naval combatants

Optimized propulsion systems

  • MAN ExpertTalk

    Customized high-end solutions for complex naval ships

    In this live webinar, we will dive into our propulsion and genset portfolio for naval vessels, focusing on the MAN 32/44CR, MAN 28/33D STC medium-speed and MAN 175D high-speed engines.

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  • MAN ExpertTalk

    MAN 175D - the most powerful high speed engine: Perfect fit for patrol vessels?

    In our four-stroke ExpertTalk we focus on our MAN 175D engine - the most powerful high-speed engine which is especially suitable for patrol vessels. Our experts give insights and provide guidance on our high-speed portfolio.

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  • MAN ExpertTalk

    Future fuels – what are options for naval operations?

    Get insights on the latest news about the legal framework for emissions, a general overview of alternative and future fuels and their potential for naval operations.

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  • MAN ExpertTalk

    Dive deep with MAN ExpertTalks

    Discover insights, innovations, and expert analyses from the world of naval engineering. Explore our collection of webinars, where seasoned professionals share their knowledge and address the latest trends and challenges in the maritime sector.

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Support and expertise

The oceans are full of unforeseen challenges for naval operations. With our maritime experience and understanding of complex naval requirements we provide comprehensive support to ensure operational readiness in any situation.


Navies around the world

From the icy waters of the Arctic to the warm currents of the Equator, our engines are the beating heart of naval operations. Trusted by naval forces globally, MAN Energy Solutions continually pushes the boundaries of naval engineering, guaranteeing peak performance under any conditions.

Royal Netherlands and Belgium Navies

Damen Naval rendering
Customer Royal Netherlands and Belgium Navies
Vessel type  4 x Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) Frigates
Engine type

8 × MAN 20V28/33D STC 

16 × variable-speed MAN 16V175D-MEV naval generator sets with sound enclosures and plant auxiliaries

Shipyard Damen Naval


German Navy

MAN 32/44CR
Customer German Navy
Vessel type  4 x F126 for German navy
Engine type 8 x MAN 32/44CR
Shipyard Damen 

SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) to fulfill IMO Tier III


Finnish Defence Forces

Finnish Defence Forces
Customer Finnish Defence Forces
Vessel type  4 x 114m Ice Class Corvette Pohjanmaa Class for Finnish Squadron 2020 project
Engine type 4 x 12V MAN 175D-MEL | 1920 kW | 1800 rpm
Shipyard Rauma Marine Constructions, Finland 

- Optimized for low noise and shock

- Capable of operating in Arctic conditions


Your strategic advantage

The realm of naval operations is complex, demanding, and ever-evolving. Adapting to changing tactical landscapes, facing emerging threats, and ensuring operational excellence requires not only engineering excellence. It demands a partner who understands, innovates, and offers reliable support and expertise in any situation.

MAN Full ILS: We customize documentation for your needs

To fulfill each naval vessel’s broad range of tasks, your crew requires highly specific information customized to the equipment and situation. As long-term defense market partners, we know each application’s requirements and constraints. We offer customized documentation according to your respective military standard for:

  • Operating instructions
  • Work instructions
  • Maintenance schedules
  • Electronic databases for customers’ maintenance plan systems, including maintenance and repair instructions (OmegaPS)
  • Spare parts catalogs and tool lists: Full system breakdown structure in electronic format
  • Training plans
  • FMECA and MTBF calculations

Your mechanical roadmap with Propulsion System Integration

MAN Energy Solutions offers consulting expertise to shipyards in the most specific and technical matters and across all aspects of construction. We assist with particular technical challenges and provide a single point of contact between consulting, engineering, and production. As such, we enable you to take on more complex constructions while reducing efforts, risks, and costs, and increasing the lifespan of the vessel.

MAN PrimeServ: Service with passion

MAN PrimeServ is the dedicated MAN Energy Solutions service brand. With a network of over 100 service centers worldwide, MAN PrimeServ provides 24/7 service across the globe. Our range of services includes technical support, consulting, and OEM spares. We also offer maintenance, repair, and comprehensive individualized service plans — 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

Navigating the future? Let's work together!

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