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Security in changing times

The naval defense segment is growing in the face of national security concerns. The Navy & Coast Guard segment has expanded in recent years in the face of national security concerns where nations of all continents are anxious to protect their maritime boundaries. At the same time, the rise in asymmetric threats, such as piracy and military confrontation in critical trade areas, has increased the desire to provide security for global seaborne trade.

Modern vessels fulfill an extremely broad and complex range of tasks. As long-term partners of the defense market, we know the requirements and constraints of each application and consult you with a state-of-the-art propulsion concept and supply everything from a single source.

MAN naval propulsion systems

The foundation of our success has always been and will always be innovation, quality, reliability of supply, and trustworthiness. MAN Energy Solutions is your preferred premium partner in the naval world – from fast patrol boats to large auxiliary ships, from offshore patrol vessels to full naval combatants.

In order to ensure full operational readiness of their fleets, no less than 60 navies rely on MAN engines. With our wide range of highly – efficient, reliable, and robust engines that cope with the latest shock demands, the lowest noise levels, and fundamental nuclear, biological, and chemical (NBC) requirements, we have the perfect solutions to match your needs.

If you focus on proven designs, the powerful MAN V28/33D STC naval propulsion engine and the compact MAN 175D GenSet are perfect choices.

Our exhaust-gas-cleaning systems such as SCR (selective catalytic reduction) minimize NOx emissions through perfect adjustment with the engine

When it comes to full integrated logistics support (ILS), as frequently requested by the world's navies, our experts can support you with their many years of experience and a customer-specific ILS package.

navies rely on MAN engines to ensure full operational readiness

For a powerful response 

Offshore patrol vessels

Offshore patrol vessels

Small and compact, but operating on the open sea, offshore patrol vessels take on a very broad range of missions that include search and rescue, maritime surveillance, environmental monitoring, and fishery protection.

While the engine load profile for a patrol boat has to be very flexible, especially in low-load areas, it also has to deliver a quick, high-power response, endurance, and faultless operation during any mission.

Therefore, our engines are specially designed to enable operation in patrolling mode as well as during sprints with maximum speed. What`s more, we offer you the highest level of flexibility for designing your vessel with solutions for both mechanical and hybrid electric propulsion.

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Naval combatants


Corvettes, frigates, and destroyers depend on high-powered, efficient engines that won’t let their crews down or risk the success of their missions – whether on far-from-home deployments or fast escort operations.

Silent and swift

Naval combatant applications usually require high speed for fast escort operations, without toleration of any compromise on acoustic, thermal, and visual signatures. They also have to withstand shocks or even cope with the strictest structure and airborne noise requirements. 

Our powerful and compact engines deliver this level of performance while ensuring maximum availability and outstanding specific fuel oil consumption (SFOC). Best-in-class life cycle costs are supported by our effective logistics and services organization across the globe.

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Amphibious and support ships

Amphibious and support ships

Naval amphibious and support ships transport troops and supplies over long distances. Non-military deployment can be just as challenging. In disaster relief operations, the ships can act as hospitals, crisis management units, communications centers or helicopter platforms.

High expectations

Amphibious and support ships face great demands, including a long operational life. Worldwide logistic support missions can be long in range and duration. The propulsion systems must offer ultimate shock resistance, silent operation and low visual or infrared signatures. By offering reliable, high-power operation at low fuel consumption, our engines pass the test in terms of reliability and economy. What is more, our systems include powerful generating sets for integrated electric and hybrid plants, fulfilling all conceivable naval requirements to secure reliable, economical power generation and intelligent power distribution.

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Inshore and fast patrol crafts

Inshore and fast patrol crafts

Inshore and fast patrol crafts cover a multitude of coastguard duties, including search and rescue, firefighting, environmental surveillance, border control, customs and police duties. In a military context, they can be deployed as littoral combat crafts, protecting infrastructure or in special operations.

Ease of use

Due to frequent operations in in coastal waters, engines for inshore patrol craft usually have very high emission compliance standards (IMO Tier III). Performance, extremely fast load response and permanent availability are a matter of course.

The typically small crews on these boats have their own specialized duties, such as rescue, inspection, and combat. That means that simple engine operation and maintenance are essential design features of our solutions.


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Optimized propulsion systems

Optimized propulsion systems

More than an engine

MAN Energy Solutions has a strong track record in the engineering, integration and servicing of complete propulsion packages (including main engines, electric motors, variable frequency drives, gearboxes, propellers, and propulsion control systems) for navies and coastguards across the globe. We know what you expect: high propulsion performance and operational availability. In case of a hybrid propulsion solution with batteries, electric motors, a smart power management and an optimized drive control system is required, MAN consults you with a state of the art concept and supplies everything out of one hand.

Highly efficient propellers

Our propellers can be found on many types of ships – from small coastal cutters or supply and inspection vessels to larger, more powerful OPVs, command support vessels and frigates.

We offer propellers with a great variety of optimized design profiles for our four- and five-blade series (CPP / FPP), efficiently handling shaft powers up to 50 MW.

This impressive portfolio of products also includes a variety of shafting solutions including water-lubricated stern tube systems. Always customized propeller solutions, which can cater for shock impact and mission-critical conditions – contribute to forceful and energy-efficient operation with low hydro-acoustics and minimal environmental influence.

Benefits of a complete propulsion system

Together with our affiliate AKA, our specialist for hybrid propulsion systems, we can create intelligent solutions for the most complex propulsion needs of large ships.

MAN engines - Mission proven and ready for battle

RENK gearboxes - Navy design

MAN ALPHA propellers - Noise optimized and efficient

AKA hybrid systems - Smart energy management and storage

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