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Decarbonization meets solution orientation

Decarbonization is one of our company’s major strategical targets. Many of the departments of  MAN Energy Solutions have worked together to meet this target by completing a gas conversion on two Baleària RoPax ferries, the “MV Napoles” with a capacity of 1550 passengers and 1400 linear meters of freight and “MV Sicilia” with a capacity of 950 passengers and 2000 linear meters of freight.

A total of four MAN 48/60A generation nine-cylinder engines which were about 20 years old were upgraded to the latest DF (Dual Fuel) technology. This was only made possible thanks to a maximum in flexibility and the involvement of our organization.

In 2012 the Spanish energy supplier Endesa switched to gas
passengers can be on board of the ferry “MV Napoles”
passengers can be on board on the ferry “MV Sicilia”

Retrofit solutions help contribute to decarbonization


More and more customers are facing the challenges of reducing the carbon footprint and NOx emissions of long-serving engines in line with the prospect of increasingly restrictive regulations around the world. A dual fuel retrofit is a sustainable solution to keeping the engines and vessels in service, so our customer decided to upgrade the existing MAN 48/60A engines to MAN 51/60DF, a leap of two generations in one.

With this retrofit, MAN is not only helping the customer to reduce NOx, SOx, CO2 and particulate emissions in gas mode to make Baleària’s LNG vessels ready for an HFO-free future, but also providing the customer with the commercial benefits of using LNG as a fuel. With the successful TOC (Taking Over Certificate) of vessel Sicilia at the beginning of August 2020, the first two Baleària LNG Ferries are now ready for passenger operation.

Our Customer BALEARIA

Baleària is global pioneer in the use of natural gas: in 2019 Baleària was the first shipping line to use this clean source of energy on the Mediterranean and in the Canaries. The company is committed to placing technology at the service of customers on board their smart ships, as well as the use of big data to improve efficiency.

They define the company as a responsible corporate citizen, having signed up to the UN 2030 Agenda as the guide setting the course for their operations in the fields of economic, social and environmental sustainability.

The Balearics favor gas

On the famous holiday destination Ibiza, four MAN dual-fuel engines operate in gas mode delivering clean energy to islanders and visitors. The Spanish energy supplier Endesa switched to gas in 2012.

In 2012, ENDESA decided to retrofit the engines for dual-fuel operations in Ibiza’s Power Plant. The customer appreciate the engines’ reliability and flexibility, especially the quick change over (QCO) function, allowing fuel changes without almost any load variation, which is very interesting with regard to the stability of the electrical system.

The power output generated in Ibiza’s Plant is enough to satisfy the demand of the grid in any season of the year – not only the island of Ibiza but of Formentera as well. And even to support Mallorca island via submarine links. It can be said, therefore, that they are indispensable to the demand of the entire Balearic Islands system.

The first industry for power generation that existed in the Ibiza island dates back to 1907. It was a lignite gas engine of 20 hp (horse power), producing direct current. Since that date the power demand has not stopped growing, and ENDESA has adapted to satisfy the needs of the customers. Currently the power output installed is 285 MW with 16 generating groups of different technologies: two-stroke engines, dual-fuel four-stroke engines, heavyduty gas turbines and aeroderivative turbines.


Converting our MAN 18V48/60B engines to MAN 18V51/60DF was the best way to face the emission reductions in accordance with the evolution of environmental regulations and Endesa environmental commitments. The Power Plant is now operating with four converted GenSets only with gas, except for the stops and startup, which are carried out with gas oil.

Ricardo Gil, Director of Ibiza Power Plant

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