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Working with strict HSSE standards, lean management principles, and having triple quality certification (ISO 9001, 14001, 45001), we take care of the promotion and aftersales activities for the MAN ES energy solutions.

The headquarters and sales office of MAN Energy Solutions Spain is in Madrid, where the company has the resources and skills to provide expert support for the broad range of MAN equipment for power generation and marine propulsion, including new solutions to support the global decarbonization challenges.

The company has two workshops located in Valencia and Las Palmas, which are specialized in servicing and reconditioning various two-stroke and four-stroke main and auxiliary engine components such as liners, exhaust valve spindles, cylinder heads, alpha lubricators, hydraulic pumps and fuel injection systems. In addition, we are service hub for all types of MAN turbochargers and authorized MET service provider.

office in Spain
collaboration with MAN SE started
opening of the MAN PrimeServ Valencia maintenance center
formation of MAN Diesel España S.A.U. in Madrid

History of MAN Energy Solutions Spain: For more than 100 years

In 1919 the company Pasch y Cia starts the collaboration with the German group MAN SE in Spain for its range of diesel engines, turbo machinery, metalworking, etc. This collaboration continues even today for the divisions of "high speed” diesel engines and turbomachinery.

Inauguration of MAN Diesel & Turbo Spain
In 2007, a new era begins for the division of large capacity diesel engines of the German group with the formation of MAN Diesel España S.A.U. in Madrid as a subsidiary of MAN Diesel SE.

MAN Diesel España represents its range of semi-rapid engines for projects in Spain and for those Spanish companies with business abroad.

In 2008 the opening of the MAN PrimeServ Valencia maintenance center takes place. This new workshop forms part of the international network of MAN PrimeServ centers. It is located 20 minutes from the Port of Valencia and 30 minutes from the Port of Sagunto, offering an ideal enclave for the intense maritime traffic of southeastern Spain and responding in proximity to the growing number of Spanish customers.

In 2010 due to the consolidation of MAN Diesel SE and MAN Turbo AG, the company name was changed to MAN Diesel & Turbo España S.A.U.

In 2010 also the inauguration of the company MAN Diesel & Turbo Canarias S.L.U. and the second maintenance workshop (MAN PrimeServ Las Palmas) in Spain takes place. Its location in the Port of Las Palmas is ideal for offering full service to the harbors and power plants of the Canary Island archipelago and the west of Africa.

MAN Diesel & Turbo becomes MAN Energy Solutions

In 2018 the company announces a world-wide change of name and corporate design. The revamped brand image reflects the new strategic orientation and permanent development towards being a supplier of systems and solutions. The Spanish subsidiary MAN Diesel & Turbo España, S.A.U. is therefore renamed MAN Energy Solutions España, S.A.U.. The new name symbolizes a strategic and technological starting point for the company for the transformation of energy into tangible benefits, not only from a business perspective, but also from a social perspective.

By 2050 the global economy must achieve a neutral state as far as emissions are concerned, as established by the international community in the Paris Agreement. MAN Energy Solutions Spain does not only adhere to this change but also works to make it a success by offering sustainable solutions to our customers.

"Future in the making” is the new brand slogan that focuses on the future with the promise of offering practical benefits and turning continuous development into a reality. The future is built in the portfolio of solutions of MAN Energy Solutions: we create it one step at a time.

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