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Delivering electricity where it's needed most

Power barges are a fast, effective way to deliver electricity to remote areas. MAN Energy Solutions works with specialized partners to produce these self-contained floating power plants.
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Power barges – emergency power wherever and whenever it is required

Bringing energy to the rescue

Our power barges provide rapid assistance when energy is needed at short notice, or in areas lacking the resources for land-based power plants. 

Remote, difficult-to-reach areas often call for unique and flexible power generation solutions. The same goes for places impacted by natural disasters, and regions with damaged or no infrastructure. Sudden demands for critical energy require a rapid response. We have the answer.
Power barges are self-contained, floating power plants that operate independently of local resources or infrastructure. Quick to deploy, they are ideal for providing energy to coastal regions and harbors, or sites near rivers. These mobile units are very flexible and adaptable, representing minimum risks to operators and major profits.


Bringing mobility to energy

Sophisticated power barges are mobile, customizable and a great investment.

MAN Energy Solutions supplies the components necessary to develop efficient power barge solutions. They are available with all diesel and gas engines from our portfolio. We implement our tried-and-tested power plant systems on a floating box structure, maintaining the standard spacing between engines to simplify maintenance and ensure reliable operation. These low-risk mobile assets are easily financed and have short delivery times, allowing for a quick return on investment.

How you benefit:

  • Mobile energy, quick delivery wherever needed
  • Fast-start and dynamic capability
  • High efficiency, low emissions
  • Multi-fuel capability
  • Excellent return on investment


Floating power plants supply electricity

MAN Energy Solutions and their partners have extensive experience in EPC power plants and marine applications and together form the platform for floating power plant solutions. These can be deployed at sea to deliver electricity to places where it is urgently needed.

Customer typeIPP
ApplicationPower ships and barges, base-load power for grid
Location of installationMainly coasts of MENA region and Mediterranean
Engine type28 x 18V51/60DF + 3 x 14V48/60
FuelDual fuel (gas, MDO and HFO)

514 MW

Order commencementUp to 12/2012 (different projects)

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Interested in learning more about power barges?

MAN Energy Solutions can help you find the right power barge solution for your specific requirements. We and our experienced power barge partners have extensive expertise in EPC power plants and marine applications. This makes us the ideal choice to support every step of the process – from consulting to development, from delivery to maintenance. 

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