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Base-load solutions – first-class energy for your customers

First-class energy is sustainable, reliable and efficient. MAN Energy Solutions can provide the product portfolio and consulting expertise to design the ideal base-load solution for your business.
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Comprehensive products and expertise for effective base-load solutions 

Generate profits with our reliable, fuel-efficient base-load solutions

MAN Energy Solutions offers effective technologies to help energy suppliers overcome the challenges involved in power production. 

Rapid changes in a decentralized energy market, decarbonization targets, increasing fuel costs and competitive pricing structures are your daily business. But all of these factors are increasing pressure on power producers to find more efficient ways to generate power.  

MAN Energy Solutions is the partner you need to deliver optimized base-load power for your business. These are compact, scalable, dynamic, part-load capable, highly efficient, and therefore provide the flexibility that you will need. The result: Highly available energy with a low CO2 footprint.

Engine combined-cycle solutions for fuel efficiency

Our vast in-house product portfolio and solution engineering expertise make us uniquely qualified to offer the best possible solution for your needs. 

MAN Energy Solutions is your ideal consultant and EPC partner for comprehensive base-load solutions. Our product portfolio consists of state-of-the-art engines, gas and steam turbines. Offering high fuel flexibility, dynamics and a modularized design, we always pick the best products for your needs. We can even combine engines and steam turbines to raise the already high engine efficiency of around 50% by another 4.5% in an engine combined-cycle system – all with excellent reliability and availability.

 How you benefit:

  • High plant availability and reliability
  • Fuel flexibility
  • High fuel efficiency
  • High plant flexibility

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  • MAN 49/60DF
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    The MAN 49/60DF is benefi tting from the excellent robustness and reliability of its predecessors. It comes with higher cylinder output, lower emissions and higher effi ciency. It is the first derivative of the new 49/60 platform of MAN Energy Solutions which provides various upgrade possibilities and therefore granting future-proofness in multiple ways.
  • MAN base-load power solutions
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    The world’s growing cities and industries want more electricity. They also demand lower CO2 emissions and affordable prices. The ideal base-load supply should have the flexibility to adapt to demand and to the fluctuations of fuel prices. MAN Energy Solutions provides decentralized, fuel-flexible, and highly efficient solutions for low-cost, low-carbon base-load power generation.
and higher fuel efficiency in single-cycle mode
increased fuel efficiency in combined cycle with steam turbine
flexible and scalable energy output

MAN Energy Solutions brings the first ECC base-load power plant to Africa

The Thika power plant is the first on the African continent to use engine combined-cycle (ECC) technology – delivered by MAN Energy Solutions. The combination of diesel engines and a steam turbine improves the efficiency of the power plant, producing 9.5 % more electricity with the same fuel consumption. 

CustomerThika Power Limited
ApplicationBase-load power plant, combined cycle
Location of installationThika, Kenya
No. and engine type5 x  MAN 18V48/60 + 1 x MAN steam turbine
Plant Output88 MW
CommissioningAugust 2013
Operation and maintenanceManagement support agreement for six years

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MAN Energy Solutions offers an extensive range of power generation products and services, along with extensive expertise in consulting, design, engineering and construction. We can support you at every level, from individual gensets and spare parts to full operation and maintenance services. Start producing greener, more efficient power today.

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