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Flexibility with hybrid marine propulsion systems

Hybrid propulsion systems for marine applications combine combustion engines with battery power to optimize engine operation while reducing emissions. These are ideal for vessels with flexible operation profiles and running hours with varying power demands.
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Flexibility and efficiency optimally combined

Reliability and reduced emissions

MAN Energy Solutions offers fully tailor-made propulsion and power generation solutions, including all components such as main engines, GenSets, switchboards, converters, electric motors, energy storage systems, gearboxes, and propellers. Hybrid propulsion optimizes the fuel efficiency of vessels that have a flexible power demand, such as fishing vessels, tugs, and RoPax. The combination of mechanical power from diesel engines and electrical power from electric motors guarantees the vessels a broad operational capability. Reliability is ensured by our all-round competence in the field.

This unites comprehensive technologies and competencies under one roof, including high- and medium- speed engines and GenSets, injection systems, turbochargers, control and after-treatment systems, as well as complete mechanical and electric power and propulsion trains.

Strong partners for strong performance

Together with Aspin Kemp & Associates (AKA), we provide complete system solutions for electric and battery hybrid propulsion. AKA’s specialized expertise is the integration of electric propulsion and energy storage systems as well as providing power management controls. In our battery hybrid propulsion solutions, the energy management system (EMS) controls the generation, storage, and distribution of power and energy, optimizing the overall performance of the propulsion system and increasing safety and system reliability. The EMS reduces life cycle costs and lowers fuel consumption. It also enables the smart application of emission-free and silent operation.

How you benefit:

  • Fewer NOx, SOx, and CO2 emissions
  • Zero-emission operation possible
  • Silent operation possible
  • Optimum efficiency thanks to extra flexibility


Up to
savings on fuel oil due to the use of an energy storage system

MAN PrimeServ  protects your energy assets from day one

Whether you feed energy into the grid or satisfy a localized demand, on land or at sea, our technicians provide what you need – where and when you need it, ensuring the availability, flexibility, and profitability of your plant. 

How you benefit: 

  • Fast, reliable, and expert customer support  
  • Prompt delivery of OEM spare parts 
  • Bespoke O&M contracts 
  • Global service – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
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Hybrid marine propulsion systems for every need

No matter how complex your needs, MAN Energy Solutions is here to help. Offering individual solutions for challenging tasks, we are here to support you and your business. Start your engines and get in touch now.

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Customer: Seaspan, Canada
Application: RoRo ferry
Location: DAMEN, the Netherlands
Completion: 2020
Fuel: LNG powered battery hybrid propulsion system
MAN’s work scope:
  • 2 x 9L35/44DF GenSets
  • MAN Cryo LNG fuel gas supply system (209 cbm)
  • AKA electric propulsion system, incl. 2 MWh of batteries. The system is designed for different operation modes, e.g. Dynamic Boost, Spinning Reserve, and Load Sharing, which enable fast load application, power backup, and power supply via only one GenSet and batteries. The batteries are expandable to 5 MWh.


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