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Find the right engine for diesel-electric propulsion

Every ship has different requirements in terms of design, shipping route, and operations. As such, this demands careful consideration of the systems available in order to find the most beneficial solution for your particular needs.
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Full range of MAN four-stroke engines for diesel-electric propulsion

Explore the capabilities and range of our engines.

Powerful and strong: Our four-stroke engines for diesel-electric propulsion

MAN L+V51/60DF (DE)

MAN Energy Solutions integrated its in-house core technologies to create the dual fuel marine MAN L+V51/60DF engine that converts liquid fuel, natural gas or a combination of both into electric or mechanical propulsion power.

  • High-efficient variant/high-power
    variant 500 – 514 rpm/500 – 514 rpm
  • 6,300 – 16,800 kW/6,900 – 16,100 kW

MAN L+V49/60DF (DE)

The MAN 49/60DF is future-proof in multiple ways. Its benchmark fuel efficiency guarantees competitive vessel operation. The very low level of methane emissions ensures long-term CO2 emission compliance.

  • 600 rpm
  • 7,800 – 18,200kW
  • At 600 rpm: 1,300kW
  • Power-to-weight ratio: 13.5 – 16.7 kg/kW
  • Gas mode: 6,990 kJ/kWh

MAN L+V48/60CR (DE)

The MAN L+V48/60CR injection system uses the latest MAN Energy Solutions common rail technology, allowing for flexible setting of injection timing, duration, and pressure for each cylinder.

  • 500 – 514 rpm
  • 7,200 –19,200 kW

MAN L35/44DF (DE)

The MAN L35/44DF offers high output, dual fuel flexibility, and Tier II and Tier III compliance. It is ideal for mechanical propulsion, electric propulsion as well as auxiliary GenSet applications

  • 720 – 750 rpm
  • 3,060 – 5,300 kW
  • 2,953 – 5,115 kWe

MAN L+V32/40 (DE)

The MAN L+V32/40 range runs on inexpensive HFO from standby to full load. Twin camshafts provide unsurpassed flexibility, permitting a wide range of choices between optimal output/fuel ratio and minimized emissions.

  • 720 – 750 rpm
  • 3,000 – 9,000 kw
  • 2,895 – 8,730 kWe

MAN L+V32/44CR (DE)

By employing the latest technology combined with electronically controlled common rail injection, the MAN L+V32/44CR is setting new benchmarks in its class, such as low NOx, CO2, and soot emissions

  • 720 – 750 rpm
  • 3,600 – 12,000 kW
  • 3,474 – 11,640 kWe

The LNG-fueled MAN L28/32DF is based on the proven and classic design of the MAN L28/32 H. It is characterized as highly reliable and robust engine with long TBOs.

It is applicable for both, new buildings and retrofits. As a dual fuel engine, it offers fuel flexibility while being efficient and emissions-compliant in both  modes.

  • 720 – 750 rpm
  • 1,050 – 1,890 kW
  • 1,000 – 1,800 kWe

MAN L27/38 (DE)

The MAN L27/38 GenSet is designed for lifelong operational reliability and ensures trouble-free operation and long and safe overhaul intervals. It will be ready and running when you need it.

  • 720 – 750 rpm
  • 1,500 – 3,150 kW
  • 1,440 – 3,025 kWe

MAN L27/38 Mk2 (DE)

MAN L27/38 Mk2 units offer reliable operation. They can run on conventional fuel types and biofuels and deliver low OPEX during their entire life cycle.

  • 720 – 900 rpm
  • 1,980 – 3,690 kW
  • 1,900 – 3,540 kWe

MAN L23/30H Mk2 (DE)

The MAN L23/23H is a workhorse which was first introduced in the mid-60s. Since then, it has proven to be an outstandingly reliable engine type and in effect benchmark for the marine industry.

It comes with a proven track record of more than 12,000 units installed. 

  • 720 – 900 rpm
  • 580 – 1,400 kW
  • 550 – 1,330 kWe

The MAN L23/30DF is part of the small-bore dual-fuel engine range. It’s design features support fuel flexibility in line with compliance to all emissions regulations.

This combination makes it an ideal choice for newbuilding projects, and also as retrofit.

  • 720 – 900 rpm
  • 625 – 1,320 kW
  • 590 – 1,255 kWe

The MAN L21/31 is MAN Energy Solutions’ first small-bore GenSet fueled by methanol. It is a reliable and compact engine which can be operated on methanol, heavy fuel oil (HFO), and additionally most biofuel oils.

It comes with outstanding load-step capabilities and attractive long time between overhauls (TBOs). It is an ideal choice for many different applications, such as offshore, cable laying, CSOV or also methanol bunker vessels.

  • 900 – 1,000 rpm
  • 1,000 – 1,980 kW
  • 950 – 1,880 kWe

MAN L21/31 Mk 2 (DE)

MAN L21/31 Mk 2 units are characterized by reliable and HFO-based GenSet power, delivered at the lowest possible accumulated costs during an entire life cycle. As such, the GenSet represents a safe investment.

  • 900 – 1,000 rpm
  • 1,000 – 1,980 kW
  • 950 – 1,880 kWe

Powered by the MAN 175D high-speed engine, our marine GenSets combine reliable power with unprecedented compactness. They can be configured with several options to match the requirements of all marine applications.

  • 1,500 – 1,800 rpm
  • 1,440  - 3,800 kW
  • 1,382 - 3,648 kWe

S.E.M.T. Pielstick PC2.6B (DE)

The proven Pielstick PC2.6B design delivers high power density, low emission levels, and reduced running costs in various diesel-electric propulsion configurations.

  • 600 rpm
  • 9,000 – 13,500 kW

S.E.M.T. Pielstick PA6B (DE)

The PA6B with an integrated cooling system for fresh water, lube oil, and fuel oil utilizes a compact design for narrow engine rooms. Designed for extreme robustness, the PA6B is made to ensure safety even in the harshest environments.

  • 900 – 1,000 rpm
  • 4,200 – 7,400 kW
  • 4,074 – 7,178 kWe

Innovative, powerful, and efficient propulsion

Electric propulsion is not a recent innovation, however it has become the “standard” propulsion solution in many applications, especially when it comes to specialized vessels. High redundancy and reliability of the propulsion plant, improved maneuverability of the ship, and lower fuel oil consumption due to optimized loading of the engines are the key. Diesel-electric systems by MAN Energy Solutions are designed to meet customers’ highest requirements. Times are changing and thanks to new direct current (DC) components and an innovative engine control philosophy, diesel-electric propulsion has evolved, creating a much more compact solution with a range of potential applications.

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fuel Saving due to optimized engine operation and load sharing

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  •  Prompt delivery of high-demand OEM spare parts within 24 hours
  • Fast, reliable and competent customer support
  • Ongoing training and qualification of operators and maintenance staff
  • Diagnosis and troubleshooting with our high-performance online service
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