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Business goes on in Spain


Given the alert situation generated in our country regarding COVID-19, MAN Energy Solutions Spain & Canarias have taken the measures that the Government and the Ministry of Health have demanded and recommended.

We have a firm commitment with all our customers and, therefore, we have adopted different action plans that allow us to respond to the situations that may occur, in order to ensure the continuity of our service, as well as the high quality of it and safeguard the health and safety of all our workers.

  • Our office employees are carrying out their functions in home office mode, with total availability by different channels such as telephone, email and videoconferencing.

  • Our regular phone contacts both in Madrid, Valencia and Las Palmas have been diverted to our mobile phones, in order to be attended normally.

  • Our staff is knowledgeable about effective protection measures, and have the latest generation of Individual Protection Equipment.
We remain very attentive to the evolution and impact of the Coronavirus, with the aim of continuing to provide a responsible response adapted to the situation. Please, do not hesitate to contact us for any need we can help with.