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About MAN Energy Solutions Greece

For over half a century MAN Energy Solutions Greece has been operation in the Hellas territory

We offer you the best support when the unpredictable happens and we make sure that you are quickly back in control.

MAN Energy Solutions Hellas covers the entire solution portfolio of MAN Energy Solutions with a strong team of over 65 employees, which is growing from year to year.

In addition to the services offered by MAN Energy Solutions Hellas, our company opened the PrimeServ Academy Piraeus in 2013 and has since expanded it. The courses are offered in different areas and the academy has the ability to run tailor-made courses according to the needs of its clients.

In 2018 MAN Energy Solutions Hellas started its technical service department with a unique feature employees who play a dual role, both as trainers and as engineers on board.

Workshops in China

In addition to the PrimeServ Academy and technical services mentioned above, the goals and specifications of the entire company will continue to be handled by our sales, marketing, finance, and order processing departments. As well as digitization by our back office experts including the HR team.

MAN Energy Solutions Hellas is active in many business areas and acts responsibly towards its stakeholders, which include customers, employees, investors and the public. Our company aims to support the Greek community and therefore implements a number of socially responsible actions such as: Supporting local universities and public academies by providing them with training. MAN Energy Solutions Hellas respects the ethical values ​​of the community and acts sustainably.

establishment of MAN in Greece
people are employed at the location in Greece
participants trained in PrimeServ Academy Piraeus 2013-2019

Financial reports

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  • Financial report 2019 - MAN Energy Solutions Greece
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  • Financial report 2017 - MAN Diesel & Turbo Hellas Ltd.
  • Financial report 2016 - MAN Diesel & Turbo Hellas Ltd.
  • Financial report 2015 - MAN Diesel & Turbo Hellas Ltd.
  • Financial report 2014 - MAN Diesel & Turbo Hellas Ltd.
  • Financial report 2013 - MAN Diesel & Turbo Hellas Ltd.

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