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About us

MAN Energy Solutions Bangladesh Ltd. is contributing immensely to meet the growing energy requirements of the country. Within a few years of operation, MAN Energy Solutions Bangladesh installed more than 100 stationary engines across the country.

To the main business areas of MAN Energy Solutions Bangladesh belongs Power Plants, Marine, Turbomachinery, Omnicare and After Sales Services. Bangladesh has the goal, to implement new policies in the country to cope with the challenges in different sectors like energy, power, infrastructure etc.

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About us Bangladesh

Our products and services

These are exciting times for energy. Explore the changes and innovations affecting every part of the sector and the whole world around us.

The whole future of marine shipping depends on major technological advances. Is your knowledge up to date?

The industry is being challenged to meet the increasing demand for energy while reducing overall emissions. Keep your eye on the latest developments.

What happens when raw materials meet digital data? That’s just one of the questions affecting the way we work.

We will keep you performing at peak levels with our expert-driven service solutions and remote monitoring analytics solutions. Service is evolving.


Tariq Anwar

Managing Director

MAN Energy Solutions Bangladesh Ltd.Crystal Palace, 9th FloorSE (D) 22, Road 140, Gulshan South Avenue, Gulshan-1Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh

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