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MAN MOSAS - shaping the future of renewable energy

Molten salt energy storage (MAN MOSAS) is an economical, highly flexible storage solution for a wide range of applications throughout the energy industry.
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MOSAS with superior time flexibility

As the power industry reduces its CO2 emissions, it becomes more dependent on renewable energies like wind and solar power. This poses challenges for grid reliability. That’s why we would like to introduce you to our long-duration storage system – MAN MOSAS, the molten salt energy storage system.

MAN MOSAS – a groundbreaking energy storage solution

Thermal energy storage with molten salt – flexibility for integrating renewables in power and heat systems

Molten salt energy storage (MAN MOSAS) is a reliable choice that can be integrated into various applications – ensuring a secure power supply.  

As the energy sector moves to reduce its high CO2 emissions, it is increasing the installed capacities of renewable energies like wind and solar power. This inherently leads to fluctuations in supply. Efficient storage systems like MAN MOSAS are essential to stabilize the grid, help boost base-load capabilities and deliver reliable power in line with demand.  

MAN MOSAS uses salt as a storage medium for thermal energy. Liquid salt is pumped through panels or electric heaters, where it is heated up to 570 °C before it is sent to a hot storage tank or steam generator. Here, it produces superheated steam to power the turbine. Liquid salt is kept in an insulated storage tank, where volumes can be adjusted to provide the necessary storage capacity for every application and location. It is a reliable option for storing renewable energy, and a flexible, cost-efficient addition to existing infrastructure and systems.  

MAN MOSAS has the potential to transform the energy market

MAN Energy Solutions customizes its MAN MOSAS solutions for a wide range of applications – an innovative approach to energy storage and supply.

MAN Energy Solutions provides power generation and energy storage technologies like MAN MOSAS to help customers reduce their energy costs and carbon emissions while improving the security of their energy supply. MAN DWE is the market leader in molten salt reactor systems, with over 70 years of experience in salt systems. We also provide full engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services for our MAN MOSAS plants all over the world. One MAN MOSAS application we offer is in combination with concentrated solar power plants. The molten salt stores the thermal energy produced for use at night or during periods with less sunlight. Long term storage systems like molten salt  MAN MOSAS are suitable for conventional power plant retrofits, e.g. by adding electric heaters or heat pumps, storage tanks and salt heat exchangers for steam generation to coal fired power plants. Such setups allow existing power plant infrastructure like turbines to be kept in use, which reduces the investment cost of the entire system.

How you benefit: 

  • Long-term storage of renewable energy 
  • Energy optimization in industrial processes 
  • Retrofitting of thermal power plants, e.g. coal-fired power plants 
  • Decarbonized power generation 
  • Grid stabilization, peak shaving of volatile energy

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