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MAN PrimeServ Academy in Augsburg,  Germany

The Augsburg academy is a product academy for four-stroke engines, turbochargers, and the relevant control systems. In a historic building with modern architecture, the academy offers theoretical and hands-on training.

Theoretical training is carried out in four rooms equipped with modern training aids. For hands-on training, the academy provides real-size four-stroke diesel, gas, and dual-fuel engines, turbochargers, and simulators for the various control systems. Participants are offered a visit to the production facilities and the MAN museum giving a brief historical review of MAN's technical developments, including the world's first diesel engine.


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Training capabilities

The training program is complemented by a comprehensive range of digital learning.


Four-stroke diesel and heavy fuel oil engines

  • V28/33
  • 32/40
  • 32/44CR
  • 48/60
  • 51/60
  • 58/64

Four-stroke gas + DF Engines

  • 32/40DF
  • 35/44G
  • 35/44DF
  • 51/60DF
  • 51/60G
  • Gas Valve Unit

Four-stroke engine automation

  • Woodward / Heinzmann governors
  • SaCoSone control system


  • NA
  • NR
  • TCA
  • TCR
  • TCT
  • TCX
  • VTA
  • 2-stage


  • English
  • German
  • Other languages with translation


  • Four full-size engines
  • Gas engine training
  • Full range of turbochargers
  • Common rail and SaCoSone simulators
  • Woodward / Heinzmann engine control system
  • State of the art training aids
  • Engine room simulator with several engine models including a dual-fuel engine

Special services

  • Assistance with hotel accommodation, shuttle and taxi service
  • Special rates on local hotels
  • Personal safety equipment
  • Up to date course materials
  • MAN museum gives a brief historical review of MAN's technical developments
  • Fitness room available for the course participants

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