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Retrofits for two-stroke marine engines

Our solutions give you flexibility in a transitioning market: Use them to comply with environmental standards, save fuel, boost efficiency, or enhance safety
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Drive business goals with retrofit solutions

Retrofit solutions facilitate a wide range of business goals safeguarding your engine, equipment, and personnel. They improve the overall reliability and safety of your equipment and reduce operational cost, while extending the lifetime of your assets. Fuel oil monitoring, for example, boosts your engine’s efficiency and performance. Lube oil solutions, on the other hand, optimize consumption, enabling more flexible operation and reducing maintenance, on top of extending the time between overhauls. If your focus is on emission control, we offer retrofits that ensure your engine meets emission standards, and your emission ratings stay favorable.

The future is dual-fuel

You’re exploring how to cut fuel expenses and boost the environmental performance of your diesel engines? Dual-fuel systems meet environmental legislation, and – with favorable gas prices worldwide – make excellent business sense. A dual-fuel engine lets you switch between diesel and gas as prices change, providing optimal fuel-flexibility. Gas fuels – such as LNG, ethane, LPG, or methanol – cut back SOx, NOx, CO2, and particulate emissions, enhancing operational flexibility and overall sustainability.

The dual-fuel conversion package by MAN PrimeServ covers all steps, from research to site survey, from engineering to project management, from engine hardware to commissioning. Package solutions by MAN PrimeServ are not limited to the conversion of the main engine. Tailor-made packages can come as a turnkey solution, or include the gas systems in partnership with MAN Cryo or another prominent gas system provider.


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Shield your engine network against cyber-attacks and comply with cybersecurity regulations and IMO requirements in 2021

Combining state-of-the-art software and hardware, MAN EngineVault gives your main engine network the best possible protection from online and physical cyber-attacks. This includes onboard attacks via compromised USB flash drives.

How you benefit

  • Unique cybercrimes protection for physical assets
  • Lower risk of service disruptions and off-hire periods
  • Enhance crew safety
  • Ensure business continuity, giving you peace of mind
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Expert advice when and where you need it

At MAN PrimeServ, we help you ensure the reliable performance and availability of your marine engines and systems. Our experienced engineers and field technicians consult on – and supply – the latest in retrofit solutions and upgrades to help you meet specific business targets.

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