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Retrofits and upgrades for S.E.M.T. Pielstick engines

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You can rely on your Pielstick Original Equipment Manufacturer

At MAN PrimeServ, we ensure the retrofit and upgrade of S.E.M.T. engines, auxiliaries, and automation systems from previous generations. We help you improve your efficiency, and durability throughout your engine's life cycle. That comes with fuel and lube oil savings, emissions control, fuel conversion, and life cycle extension.

Pielstick conversions

Our updated solutions are the most capable of changing engines in operation into dual-fuel while keeping the absolute certainty to obtain a better efficiency, a lower emissions level, and a longer life cycle.

Common rail

This customized solution of retrofit consists in converting conventional fuel injection systems to electronic fuel injection systems. As a result of the precise control, engines operate more smoothly with lower fuel consumption and emission levels.

Customer typeNavy
ApplicationLPD ship type
Power system4 engines PC2-5 CR
MAN work scopeSupply of major components and engine pipes, assembling assistance, and engine commissioning
Commercial operation2018



Anti-Bore Polishing

The Anti-Bore Polishing ring prevents the contact between the carbon deposits on the piston crown and the liner. It enables an oil consumption reduction, a spacing of cylinder inspection intervals, longer life of the liner-segment, and strengthens safety.


MAN Energy Solutions delivers complete dual-fuel conversion packages as well as modified turbochargers. We offer a customized adaption of gas-related plant equipment, engine control, and safety concept. Our highly experienced service engineers conduct the conversion and commissioning of the engines to gas operation.

Customer typeCement plant
ApplicationPower plant for electrical powering
Power systemConverted engines: 2 x 18PC4 DF - 32 MWh
MAN work scopeDisassembly of both engines, Injection adaptions, Safety concept adaptation, Exchange of major necessary components, Adaptation of plant equipment, Adaptation of engine and plant control system, Commissioning for gas operation
Commercial operation2008


cylinders equipped with ABP for ten years
MWe rehabilited on Pielstick engines

Complete rehabilitation of power & marine installations

We provide you the newest OEM  technology for your installation. We oversee your global situation and do a complete re-industrialization of your asset till it restarts. We involve all necessary stakeholders, from engineering to onsite warranty, to provide the best solutions according to your budget and expectations.

GUELBS rehabilitation

Following a fire that has damaged G7 and G8 units, rehabilitation was necessary. MAN Energy Solutions has succeeded to adapt to extreme conditions: arid and deserted environment, site insulation, and important safety measures.

Customer / Customer type

SNIM (Société Nationale Industrielle et Minière) / Mining ore

ApplicationElectrical energy producer
LocationZouerate, Mauritania
Power system6 x 16PC2-6B 600 env. 60MW
MAN work scope

Complete rehabilitation: complete engine revision, major components reconditioning, commissioning, assistance

Commercial operation2018




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