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Reliability spare parts – offer the safe route to secure your operation

To keep you proactively prepared and to ensure uninterrupted operation between five-year dockings, we offer our ’Propeller reliability package’ with a focus on:

  • State of the supply market
  • Reliability spare parts kits
  • Features and benefits
  • Scope of supply – maker’s recommendation

Download the brochure and grasp the benefits and peace of mind we offer for you and your crew.

Maintain seamless propeller and propulsion operations between planned dockings.

Propeller maintenance – efficiently performed during dry-docking

Watch the timelapse video to glimpse the docking and the assembly operation, as part of our five-year Propeller Maintenance Concept (PMC).

PMC represents the official MAN PrimeServ guidelines for CP propellers — tailored and class-recommended, also for ten-year dockings.

For more details on the complete maintenance concept and execution, or to receive a specific offer, please use the ‘Quick Enquiry Fill-Out Form’ below.

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Plan ahead and be prepared for next docking


Pre-docking preparation really pays off in today’s supply situation with longer lead times.

Careful focus on your propeller equipment is essential.

Knowing the status of the installed equipment - is knowing the expected scope of work, thereby enabling thorough planning. The preparation ensures that the right parts are available on time.

We recommend contacting us five to six months ahead of dry docking.
Fill-out the Quick enquiry form below, and we will help you with an overview of the propeller maintenance status of your vessels.

Protect your investment and stay competitive

Keep your fleet reliable and performing at the highest level with our Propeller Maintenance Concept (PMC)

Propeller Maintenance Concept (PMC) service packages for your propeller system include our class-recommended five- or ten-year inspections and service overhauls in accordance with the docking periods.

Even though they are sturdy and robust, your CP propeller systems contain critical parts that need periodic maintenance in order to keep your vessel performing at a reliable level.

A lack of maintenance will cause equipment to fail. Failures can lead to breakdowns, loss of income due to costly emergency dockings, and unplanned downtime with unnecessary expenses.

The principle and aim of the PMC is to avoid failures through planned maintenance.



How you benefit from our PMC

  • Due diligence: Optimal maintenance and overhaul planning
  • Avoid costly breakdowns and dockings
  • Individually tailored concepts for your systems
  • No downtime while waiting for critical parts
  • Fast, reliable, and competent support to your fleet
  • Prompt delivery of high-demand spare parts within 24 hours
  • World-class global service, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Local MAN expertise and support available – wherever you operate your vessels and wherever your PMCs are implemented

Learn more from our MAN ExpertTalks

Key value points

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Plan your PMC 

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Vast propeller experience from
of CPP propulsion
Proven reliability and durability for
pitch settings in tough CPP ferry operation

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Expertise and peace of mind for your business

MAN Energy Solutions is the right partner to help you keep your propellers operating safely and reliably in the long term. Benefit from trained and PMC-certified superintendents from our PrimeServ Academy.

Technical design updates may be considered for retrofits as well – keeping you at the forefront.

Get in touch now, plan ahead, and find your perfect PMC fit!

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