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Methanol-ready four-stroke engines 

Low-carbon fuels are the key to the maritime energy transition, that much is certain. The questions now are: which fuel and which engine? Net-zero green methanol is one of the more promising solutions. We have already proven our know-how in the two-stroke segment – our first methanol engine came into service in 2016 and we are currently converting 11 MAN two-stroke engines to run on methanol for Maersk shipping. So what are the options for segments of the marine industry that favor four-stroke engines like cruise, ferry, and workboats?

We are bringing four-stroke engines and methanol together in the most practical way for our customers. Instead of asking you to commit and invest in methanol engines, we offer new dual fuel engines that can be easily converted to methanol and retrofits for existing engines. Leading the way are the methanol-ready MAN 32/44CR, MAN 49/60DF, and MAN 175D.

reduction in carbon emissions using green methanol
methanol running hours accumulated by MAN B&W ME-LGIM
reduction in SOx emissions using green methanol

The methanol-ready portfolio

Our approach is to provide engines that can run on currently available fuels with the best efficiency and can adapt to green methanol when circumstances make it practical (availability of green methanol, port infrastructure, favorable fuel prices). Until then, customers can rely on efficient and reliable engines that comply with the latest emission regulations. Besides the new MAN 35/44DF CD GenSet, we are offering three methanol-ready propulsion engines: MAN 32/44CR, MAN 49/60DF, and MAN 175D.


Benefits of being methanol-ready

  • Low CO2 emissions

    While green methanol is a net-zero fuel, a small amount of pilot fuel may be required by the engines, resulting in some carbon emissions. Our methanol-ready four-stroke engines offer the lowest CO2 emissions on the market for whichever fuel they are running on. This ensures there is no compromise on compliance with the latest regulations.

  • Future-proof

    The inherent retrofit potential of the four-stroke portfolio enables us to provide shipowners with cost-effective solutions and flexibility regarding future fuels. Investing in one of our new methanol-ready engines means you have low-carbon, high-efficiency propulsion on conventional fuels and the option to convert to methanol whenever you see fit. The elements needed for conversion are few and have been tested, the retrofit can be combined with planned overhaul activities.

  • High Efficiency

    Our methanol-ready engines work with the same high efficiency as the conventional fuel engines. Through our retrofits switching between methanol and fuel oil is seamless and thereby supports reliable and continuous operation of the engine. Methanol handling costs are low, reducing the complexity of storage and bunkering infrastructure at ports.


Methanol-ready MAN 32/44CR

With its MAN common rail system, high-efficiency turbochargers, variable valve timing and state-of-the-art control systems, the MAN 32/44CR is a synthesis of the most advanced large-engine technologies available.

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Methanol-ready MAN 49/60DF

The dual fuel MAN 49/60DF is futureproof in multiple ways. Its high power density and benchmark fuel efficiency guarantee competitive operation. Very low methane emissions ensure long-term CO2 regulation compliance.

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Methanol-ready MAN 175D

Characterized by its clear-cut design, the MAN 175D packs the latest technology into the smallest volume. Easy to commission, easy to operate, and easy to service, its modular design meets the challenges of many different applications.

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Technical paper: Methanol in shipping

In this technical paper MAN Energy Solutions provides some insights, guidance and technology answers around one of the fuel options that is increasingly being discussed and considered as an alternative shipping fuel – Methanol (MeOH).
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