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Intelligent engines heading to new destinations

New itineraries, new experiences, mega ships, pools with waterfalls, private terraces – the cruise industry is driven by a constant stream of new ideas. At MAN Energy Solutions we aim to match the innovative creativity of the cruise industry with intelligent power solutions: reducing emissions, increasing fuel efficiency, enabling the use of future fuels, digitalizing operations, and always contributing to safety.

Fuel flexibility for smooth sailing

Competition in the leisure industry is already tough, but the cruise sector also faces future developments in environmental regulation and fuel markets which are hard to predict with any degree of certainty. Emissions regulations are becoming ever more stringent and there is additional pressure from passengers and ports demanding more ecologically-responsible forms of tourism. Fuel is the key, because profitable operation depends on reducing both fuel costs and emissions. Our dual-fuel and methanol-ready engines give you the flexibility to choose the most economical and environmentally-friendly pathway for your cruise ships through to 2050.

MAN offers cruise operators highly efficient and reliable propulsion engines. Its proprietary, next generation, fully electronic common rail injection technology CR2.2 and MAN ECOMAP optimize fuel consumption and reduce smoke emissions, while the low noise and vibration behavior of its engines contribute to high levels of passenger comfort.

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  • Future fuels and fuel flexibility

    Our methanol-ready cruise engines can run on net-zero green methanol as soon as it becomes widely available. A simple conversion is all it takes. The dual-fuel MAN 49/60DF adds the options of LNG, SNG and biofuels.

  • Planning security

    By designing engines with retrofits in mind, we give you planning security. Investing in our methanol-ready engines secures high-efficiency propulsion now – running on widely available, affordable conventional fuels – and the option to transition to green methanol as soon as it is available in your fuel supply chain.

Cruise ship engine power options

Cruise ship fuel efficiency depends on advanced technologies like MAN’s proprietary next-generation common rail system CR2.2 which, in combination with MAN’s SCR and ECOMAP technology, opens the door to unmatched opportunities for operating cost savings. MAN 32/44CR and MAN 49/60DF are efficient and adaptable engines which provide bridging platforms to alternative fuels and will meet the needs of future eco-friendly cruise ships.


MAN 49/60DF: flexible fit for LNG cruise ships

The built-in flexibility of this dual-fuel engine and its low methane slip create an economically attractive LNG pathway for compliance with greenhouse gas emissions regulations until 2035 without any additional measures. With the development of a methane-oxidation catalyst, we aim for a further significant reduction of methane emissions. This ensures the sustainability of the LNG pathway until 2040 and, if combined with green LNG, also beyond.

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MAN 32/44CR: methanol-ready solution for efficient cruise vessels

The MAN 32/44CR boasts some of our most advanced technologies, including the next generation common rail system, high-efficiency turbochargers, and MAN technologies like EcoLoad and ECOMAP. The MAN 32/44CR is ready for retrofit to methanol operation while maintaining its diesel fuel capability.

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MAN PrimeServ for maintenance, digitalization, and decarbonization

The MAN Energy Solutions service brand not only provides 24/7 service across the globe, we are also your go-to for retrofit and upgrade solutions. Our digital updates enhance your operation, enabling remote monitoring and automated control. We can also improve your emissions profile and ensure compliance with stricter regulations in the future.

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Get expert advice on engines and fuels

Decarbonization and digitalization are changing the way we power cruise ships. Our experts can help you find solutions which respond to questions of fuels, emissions, technology, and retrofits.

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