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Local projects powered by MAN Energy Solutions South Africa

Power generation

Diaphragms Manufacturing

Power rating 25 MW

Machine type Steam turbine
Duration  9 month
 Scope Reverse Engineer, Manufacture and Supply of Replacement Diaphragms & Seals, Stage 1 - 9 for Turbine Alternator No.6
 Benefits Improved quality and lead time for client to execute power to the local power Grid

Turbine Overhaul

Power rating 12.5 MW

Machine type Steam turbine back pressure

Peter Brotherhood

Duration 10 month
Relocation, overhaul and commissioning of turbo generator

Reliable Unit with workman's guarantee. Extended life expectancy of the unit

Power Station Bearing

Power rating 794 MW

Machine type Steam turbine


Re-metal, NDT, bond test and machine to final size

Local content, competitive prices. Quick turn around time

Turbine rotor refurbishment

Power rating 35 MW

Machine type Steam turbine


 Manufactured 1976
 Duration 12 month
Removal of blades, machine turbine body, weld up body, manufacture new blades, fitment of blades, and high speed balancing

Substantial cost reduction in comparison to new rotor, and faster delivery time 

Spare parts steam turbine

Power rating 200 MW

Machine type Steam turbine

KWU-AEG (Siemens)

Manufactured 1970 
Duration 24 month & 12 month
Design, manufacture, fit and delivery 16 completely bladed discs for various stages (Stage 3 & 4) 
Benefits 70% Local content, and cheaper than OEM 

Overhaul and repair

Machine type J1360C 02A Heat Exchanger 
OEM Condensate Extraction Pump (C.E.P )
Manufactured 1940
Duration 6 month
Scope complete rebuild 
Benefits Product knowledge, redesign, manufacturing, 24/7 site support

Main Steam Admission Line

Power rating 789 MW

Machine type Super critical steam turbine
Manufactured 2016
Duration 3 weeks 
Scope Manufacturing 2 off  Acid Cleaning Valve Plugs
Benefit Product knowledge

5-Axis CNC Turbomill

Leichti 1400g

Features 5-axis CNC milling of large blades is performed in one setting on a Leichti 1400g Turbomill, the first and only machine of its kind in South Africa.
 Application  Marine and Power Generation Blades 
 Benefits Cost effective machine and manufacturing speed.

Fabrication & Manufacturing

Cooling & Heating Process

Machine type J1360C 02A Heat Exchanger 

Oeltechnik Waghausl Germany

Manufactured 1975
Duration 12 weeks 
Manufacturing new stainless steel Tube-Bundle,
Pressure Test Tube & Shell Side and Paint
Benefits Product knowledge and workshop support

Noise Reduction

On Suction Line

Machine type Suction Silenceer

Quietflo Holland

Manufactured 1995
 Duration 10 weeks 
Scope Manufacturing 2 off  shells with Jacket Shells, manufacturing new nozzles, pressure test shell & Jacket Side and paint
Benefits Product knowledge and workshop support

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