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Hybrid power plant solutions are the ideal response to changing energy markets  

The world is working to reduce carbon emissions, changing the energy economy in the process. As industries push for renewable energies and operations become increasingly decentralized, technology will need to step in to ensure a reliable power system. Hybrid power plants are the answer.

Hybrid energy from Augsburg with ILLUMINE as an intelligent control system

At MAN Energy Solutions, we are convinced that a sustainable and stable energy supply can only be ensured through a smart combination of renewables, energy storage and reliable backup systems such as gas engine power plants – all controlled by autonomous energy management software.

Core components:

  • Energy storage: 224 kW
  • Renewable energy: 40 kW
  • Conventional power: 450 kW 


Bringing stability to renewable energy

We provide reliable hybrid power solutions to help utilities, municipalities, industries and independent power producers reduce their CO2 footprint.

Around the world, countries, businesses and individuals have committed to reducing carbon emissions – with the Paris Climate Agreement of 2015 outlining ambitious goals for the future. Gas is an important and clean transition technology that helps reduce carbon in power production as operators increase the use of renewable energies. A growing number of small power plants focused on renewable energy are entering into the national grid system, making it more decentralized. Technology will need to step up to ensure a consistent, secure power supply – and interlink fluctuating renewable energy sources with base-load and energy storage technologies to create a reliable power system.  

Our hybrid power solutions combine renewable energy sources, thermal power generation and energy storage systems in a hybrid power plant. Storing surplus energy and using instant power top-ups from engine and turbine gensets fueled with gas or even biofuels can make wind and solar power more reliable. We can also add components to act as fuel savers and hybrid island power systems. Our energy management systems (EMS) allow for the optimized and reliable operation of hybrid power systems wherever and whenever you need.

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  • Hybrid power
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    This paper presents two use cases for hybrid power systems based on real project data. Both use cases show that hybridization supports reliable and cost-effective power generation. In many cases, hybridization is the only commercially viable way to maximize RES penetration, while ensuring security of supply.

decrease in emissions from 1990 levels required by industrialized nations by 2050
limit for global warming adopted by political leaders at the Paris UN Climate Change Conference in 2015

Our hybrid power technologies for a greener planet

Hybrid island power plants

Hybrid power energy storage

Building renewable energy systems (RES) on islands promotes a green footprint and helps achieve global decarbonization targets. RES usually provide a fluctuating power supply that does not meet consumer needs for reliable, flexible power. Hybrid power plant solutions fill this gap, stabilizing the grid for green energy that people can count on.

MAN provides complete hybrid power plants for on- or off-grid applications where security of supply is of the essence. These effective solutions use clean fuels in combination with highly fuel-efficient gensets and renewable energy systems to generate power. Energy storage systems keep excess power from going to waste while ensuring a reliable power supply. An energy management system efficiently coordinates production to meet customer demands.

How you benefit:

  • Low to no carbon emissions
  • Saves fuel
  • Efficient and reliable power supply
  • Fuel flexibility and independence

Hybrid fuel savers

Hybrid power plant paper cut visual

The wind and sun are attractive sources of renewable energy – free, widely available and non-polluting. But they are also very unpredictable. To solve this issue, it is possible to use renewable energy systems (RES) in tandem with fuel gensets to cut fuel consumption and increase efficiency.  

MAN Energy Solutions designs hybrid fuel savers that integrate RES, such as solar and wind power, with a battery energy storage system and highly fuel-efficient gensets. These are controlled by an energy management system that optimizes the share of each power production unit. The RES can always provide the maximum possible emission-free power, while the genset and battery compensate for power fluctuations and provide a certain share of base-load power: For reliable, greener energy.  

How you benefit:


  • Highly dynamic response to sudden load changes
  • Possible to upgrade existing engines and gas turbines
  • Efficient and reliable power supply
  • Custom solutions for specific needs

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Hybrid Wind-Diesel power plant powering the Faroe Islands

The MAN four-stroke engines expand the existing "Sund" power plant near the capital Tórshavn to generate both electrical power and heat for the district heating network on the island. 

Customer: Elfelagið SEV
Customer type: Urban (local energy provider, main power producer on the archipelago)
Application:  Wind-Diesel hybrid plant for island grid
Location of installation:  Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic
Power System:

4 x MAN 9L51/60 gensets

Fuel: Heavy Fuel Oil
Commercial operation: 03/2019
MAN`s work scope:ESC (Equipment supply)

MAN PrimeServ protects your energy assets from day one

Whether you feed energy into the grid or satisfy a localized demand, on land or at sea, our technicians provide what you need – where and when you need it, ensuring the availability, flexibility, and profitability of your plant.

How you benefit:

  • Fast, reliable and expert customer support 
  • Prompt delivery of OEM spare parts
  • Bespoke O&M contracts
  • Global service – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
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Our hybrid power solutions effectively interlink energy technologies for efficient, clean power

MAN Energy Solutions provides a full range of hybrid power products and services to play a part in achieving the world's decarbonization targets. Find out how we can help you start generating clean power today. 

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