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Green hydrogen opens the door to net zero

Green hydrogen is CO2-neutral because it is made using renewable energy, as opposed to blue and gray hydrogen, which are made from fossil fuels. Together with its derivatives, green hydrogen offers solutions for the decarbonization of many industrial sectors, and is especially important where direct electrification is not possible. MAN Energy Solutions provides holistic hydrogen solutions, enabling both the production of green hydrogen from renewable energy sources and the utilization of green hydrogen and its derivatives as net-zero fuels.

New ways to decarbonize

Hydrogen and its derivatives offer decarbonization options for the process industry, transportation, and power and heat supply where electrification is not an option. Industrial processes that run on hydrogen, ammonia, and methanol of fossil origin can change to green alternatives.

One example is the production of green steel using green hydrogen, which lowers emissions by 30-40%. In power and heat supply, our medium-speed engines can currently be operated with up to 25% hydrogen admixture. Synthetic natural gas allows the CO2-neutral operation of ships and power plants without switch to the existing infrastructure. 

CO2 emissions during the combustion of green hydrogen
of green hydrogen requires ~53 kWh of electricity
max. lower emissions in steel production with green hydrogen

The future of hydrogen

Hydrogen is increasingly important for decarbonization. But it will be several years before it is available in sufficient quantities, can be transported cost-effectively, and can be used across the board in industry, transport, and power generation.

Hydrogen for power timeline

SNG as a short- and medium-term measure

Until processes have been adapted to hydrogen, SNG is a CO2-neutral alternative to natural gas for the transition period. Currently, SNG made from hydrogen can be used in natural-gas-powered applications with minimal adaptation. Operators save on CO2 and can enhance their environmentally friendly reputation. Long-distance shipping is a good example of an application that cannot be simply electrified with batteries but where SNG is practical.

MAN hydrogen solutions

Green hydrogen and its derivatives require renewable electricity. MAN Energy Solutions has considerable expertise in the manufacture of reactor systems for the production of synthetic fuels, as well as numerous references in the field of methanol synthesis. MAN gas engines for use in power stations are already H2-ready and can be operated with a hydrogen proportion of up to 25% by volume in the gas mixture. 


Energy transition with hydrogen

Hydrogen and SNG as door openers for net zero

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