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Control your own energy supply

A reliable, cost-efficient energy supply is the backbone of any industrial process. Your business success depends on the quality of power supply. Generating your own energy is an effective way of addressing this challenge. Our innovative solutions make you independent of local conditions, giving you cost control, efficiency and environmental sustainability.


    Capture your unavoidable emissions

    Our modular approach reduces project complexity and lead times, mitigates risks, and keeps down CAPEX. MAN CCUS features modular compression solutions for all available capture technologies.

    Go modular – towards net zero

Steam, heat and cold or electricity: we’ve got you covered

Supplying energy for industries is a highly specialized business. We understand your processes and offer customized one-stop solutions, keeping your producing business independent of external circumstances.

Industrial businesses are especially vulnerable to uncertainties in the energy market: pricing, supply, grid instability and fluctuating demand all influence your operations and bottom line. Our modular and flexible solutions allow for expansion, adapt to changes in production processes and cover a wide operating range. We instruct and support your operating personnel in everyday maintenance, sharing the responsibility for creating the right conditions for success.

  • Industrial energy
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    MAN Energy Solutions is the world’s leading provider of integrated power systems. Our broad portfolio offers many ways to set up independent grids. As a long-standing partner of many industrial customers, we know that an efficient and cost-effective supply of electricity, heat and cold is a key contribution to competitiveness. MAN will support your business with long-term energy supply solutions that give you the necessary flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances.
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    Carbon capture, utilization, and storage
+1000% growth in the solar industry anticipated by 2040 (140 TWh to 1,500 TWh)
growth in wind power expected by 2040

Powering industries with powerful solutions



Whether you’re planning to control your own electricity supply or need a back-up to help out when your local provider doesn’t deliver, we’ve got the right solutions for your business. Industries typically have high energy demands with a great deal of fluctuation. Being independent of your local utility has many advantages. Our hybrid power plants allow for increased reliability and cost control. If you combine renewable energy sources, thermal power generation and energy storage, you create a microgrid which is not only efficient, but actively contributes to decarbonization.

In case you need to scale up, our systems are easily expandable with very short construction time. What’s more, you can increase your ROI by storing off-peak energy and selling it at peak time. No matter how remote your location, and however challenging your production environment, our solutions effectively support your business operations.

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High temperature process heating

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Some industries, such as pulp and paper manufacturers, rely on steam for their processes. Providing your own steam as a side effect of power generation can be a surprisingly efficient and reliable process. You are in control of your precise steam parameters, making product quality easy to maintain. What’s more, MAN Energy Solutions combined heat and power (CHP) solutions provide the highest overall efficiencies for electricity and steam production when they come with gas and/or steam turbines and auxiliary waste heat boilers.

This type of decentralized power generation benefits from cogeneration of electricity and steam, further contributing to efficiency gains. High steam parameters and low emissions make this a solution favored by many industry clients. Plus, you can store cheap surplus energy and sell it at peak times when prices are high.

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Electricity and thermal energy


Does your business require process heat and/or cold? If so, you know that operating costs can be high, CO2 reduction is a problem and your system must react to fluctuating demand without delay. At MAN Energy Solutions we recommend combined heat and power plants (CHPs) powered by an engine as the best possible solution to your needs. The high efficiency and low CO2 footprint of these plants make them extremely cost effective and environmentally responsible. Your business will fulfill decarbonization requirements and remain on top of costs. Our CHPs grow with your business; they are modular and flexible.

With a fuel efficiency of up to 95%, low maintenance costs and low CO2 emissions, using your own CHP to supply process heat and cold pays major dividends. Our optimized service concept keeps expenses down and the extremely long life of our plants contributes further to a good ROI. Enjoy the benefits of flexible start-stops according to power and heat demand and the perfect balance of electrical or heat-driven operations. Your processes couldn’t be running more smoothly.

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Process steam for electricity and heat


A number of industries rely on process steam for heating, drying, boiling and steaming – including the chemical, refinery, textile and other sectors. The exothermic reactions in these chemical production processes produce heat, which can in turn be used to create steam and generate electricity in a steam turbine generator set. Installing a customized steam turbine power island to recover your process waste heat allows makes your overall power generation operations more efficient – while reducing your carbon footprint.

If your process delivers excess heat, you can use a highly efficient steam turbine to generate electricity from this process waste heat. You can also incorporate energy storage to sell surplus energy at peak times for maximum profits. Count on our reliable service and expert training sessions to start generating your own electricity and heat.

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MAN PrimeServ: Enjoy expert round-the-clock service and support worldwide, 365 days a year

MAN PrimeServ is the perfect complement to our excellent products. Our technicians are always available to answer questions, assist in troubleshooting and get your facilities up and running in no time – wherever and whenever you need them.  

How you benefit: 

  • Fast, reliable and expert customer support 
  • Prompt 24-hour OEM spare part delivery 
  • Individual O&M contracts 
  • Global service – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year 

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maximum total plant efficiency possible with CHP solutions
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Autonomy and reliability for your industrial enterprise: take control of your energy supply

Is an independent energy supply your main concern? Or are you keen on getting the most out of your process heat and cold or steam supply? We offer tailor-made one-stop solutions for industry, no matter how tough the conditions. Find out more from our experts.

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