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Friday, March 11, 2022

MAN Energy Solutions Launches MAN 175D Roadshow in China

National roadshow will showcase the world’s most powerful high-speed diesel engine across 12 Chinese provinces

On 4th March, MAN Energy Solutions held a launch ceremony to kick off a national roadshow in China which will present the MAN 175D, the world’s most powerful high-speed diesel engine, to Chinese shipyards, shipowners, and ship designers. This new campaign aims to raise greater awareness locally about the unrivalled marine power delivered by the MAN 175D and its state-of-the-art technology. 

In the Year of the Tiger, the headline slogan for MAN’s roadshow is “Tiger Power, Tiny Core—MAN 175D”, highlighting how the MAN 175D packs the latest technology into minimal space while still delivering maximum power. In addition, the truck that will transport the engine throughout the roadshow has been creatively emblazoned with the image of a roaring tiger to commemorate this auspicious year in the Chinese Lunar calendar. 

From March through the autumn of 2022, the roadshow will travel across 12 Chinese provinces, visiting 23 cities and 54 Chinese marine customers. This journey will span destinations along China’s vast coastline, stretching all the way from the far south to the northeast, while also traveling inland to the country’s central regions. At each stop, the MAN Energy Solutions delegation will engage closely with their Chinese customers through a series of interactive activities such as seminars and technical introductions of the MAN 175D. 

Mikael Adler, Senior Vice President, Head of Region Asia Pacific, MAN Energy Solutions, said: “Through this exciting new roadshow, we aim to show our many valued Chinese customers the incredible advantages that the MAN 175D offers them in terms of quality and technology. Our specific business goal is to create new commercial opportunities, become involved in even more projects, and thereby increase the order intake for the MAN 175D. By doing so, our broader aspiration is to help further establish MAN Energy Solutions as a leading international partner for China’s marine sector on its journey towards achieving net-zero emissions. 

“In the coming months, I’m confident that our roadshow will play an important role in demonstrating MAN Energy Solutions’ commitment to investing all of our energy into creating solutions for sustainable prosperity and how those solutions can be successfully deployed in the Chinese marketplace. We look forward to working even more closely with our customers in China and supporting them in realizing sustainable value creation on their transition towards a carbon-neutral future.” 

The MAN 175D engine has a state-of-the-art rail fuel injection system, combining maximum fuel efficiency with the lowest possible emissions. It is also one of the world’s most versatile engines, meeting all the challenges of many different high-speed marine applications. Additionally, it is ideal for high cost-effectiveness, as it combines high output, quick acceleration, and dynamic partial-load operation with economical endurance. 

Elvis Ettenhofer, Head of Marine 4-Stroke, Region APAC, MAN Energy Solutions said: “MAN Energy Solutions has been a global pioneer in innovating marine technology for decades. Today, building on our unique portfolio of technologies and services, we provide integrated system solutions that raise the efficiency, sustainability and profitability of the marine industries. And the MAN 175D is a very important part of that portfolio – one which I’m certain will deliver major benefits to China’s marine sector as it continues to grow quickly and domestic industry players further accelerate their shift towards a green and sustainable future. For instance, the MAN 175D features the world’s most competitive fuel efficiency, which can enable MAN Energy Solutions’ Chinese customers to significantly reduce their carbon footprints and operational costs. Its advanced safety and control system also ensures safe monitoring, control, and operation of the engine, while its modular design will allow local customers to efficiently meet all the challenges of today’s different applications.” 

Throughout 2022, MAN Energy Solutions’ national roadshow looks set to dramatically elevate the visibility of the MAN 175D in China, generating more commercial opportunities and project discussions and ultimately a higher order uptake this year. In turn, this will help to further deepen MAN Energy Solutions’ contributions to the sustainable development of a major and continually expanding marketplace which will be critical to its future success.