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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Finnish Navy Selects MAN 175D

Four corvettes for Squadron 2020 fleet-renewal project to feature 4 × MAN 175D GenSets each

MAN Energy Solutions has announced the latest order for its MAN 175D four-stroke engine in connection with the building of four corvettes for the Finnish Navy. Each of the four ships will be equipped with 4 × MAN 12V175D-MEL GenSets with a total output of 7,700 kW (4 × 1920 kW) – in total, 16 GenSets.

Jyrki Heinimaa, CEO of Rauma Marine Constructions, said: “Due to COVID-19, the negotiations were challenging and required additional effort and patience from both parties. RMC has good experience in working with MAN and looks forward to continuing the cooperation for the Squadron 2020 project from Augsburg.”

Ben Andres, Head of High-Speed Sales, MAN Energy Solutions said: “This is a very welcome order that owes much to our broad experience with the 175D engine in the naval sector, and is the latest in a series of demanding and varied naval orders that we have landed. In this particular instance, the MAN 175D’s technical and economical credentials stood it in good stead, while its compactness, shock capability, and best-in-class fuel-oil consumption were also key criteria for the customer. Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) for the power systems will ensure efficient and cost-effective maintenance throughout their entire service life.”

Rauma Marine Constructions – based in Rauma, southwestern Finland – will construct the vessels for the so-called ‘Squadron 2020’ project between 2022-2025. The first test-runs at sea are already scheduled for 2024 with all vessels projected for completion by 2028.

The MAN 175D GenSets bound for Finland have a number of standout technical features:

  • double-elastic seating

  • a number of GenSets will have noise enclosures for silent operation

  • MAN 175D is the only high-speed navy GenSet able to reach that power level with 12 cylinders, which makes it more compact and more effective in terms of maintenance

  • the engines will be suitable for arctic operation and capable of functioning in extremely low air-intake temperatures.

The Squadron 2020 project

Squadron 2020 is a Finnish naval project that aims to replace seven older vessels. The four modern corvettes will then form the backbone of the navy into the 2050s.

The overall length of the Pohjanmaa-class corvettes is 114 metres, with a beam of 16 metres and maximum draught of 5 metres – corresponding to a displacement of some 3,900 tonnes.

The newbuildings will form an indispensable defence function and are intended for repelling attacks from the sea and securing vital assets at sea and in the Finnish archipelago.

During normal patrol operations, each ship's twin, ice-strengthened, controllable-pitch propellers will be driven by electric propulsion motors with a number of the four MAN 175D diesel generators installed on double-resilient mounting for mission purposes.

About the MAN 175D engine

MAN Energy Solutions has developed the MAN 175D engine range to supplement and complete its product portfolio in the maritime sector. In three variants of 12, 16 and 20 cylinders, the engine is available with an output ranging from 1,500 to 4,400 Kilowatts and is optimised for propelling ferries, offshore supply vessels, tug boats and other working vessels. Other market areas, such as super-yachts and naval marine applications are also served by additional, specialist model versions.

It is also an extremely eco-friendly engine, being designed from the outset with compliance to the latest, as well as future, exhaust-gas-emission requirements and utilises a very compact and flexible SCR system, which enables vessel designers to optimise space on board to the maximum.

About RMC

Rauma Marine Constructions (RMC) is a wholly Finnish-owned shipbuilding company formed in the summer of 2014 in Rauma. RMC specialises in building and servicing multipurpose icebreakers, car and passenger ferries and naval vessels.


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