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Thursday, March 19, 2020

MAN Energy Solutions to install more than 400 MW power plant capacity in Bangladesh

The world's most powerful four-stroke engine generates electricity for Chandpur, another three plants are commissioned

MAN Energy Solutions is supplying generation technology for a newly built power plant in Chandpur, Bangladesh, and has successfully handed over another three power plants in the cities of Bogra and Chittagong.

MAN Energy Solutions is supplying its customer Chandpur Power Generation with a combination of four 18V51/60TS and two 20V45/60 engines for the new plant in Chandpur, which will feed a total of 125 MW into the national grid. Chandpur Power Generation is a subsidiary of Doreen Power.

A job for the world's most powerful four-stroke engine

The world's most powerful four-stroke engine – the MAN 20V45/60 – is being installed in Chandpur. With an output of around 26 MW per engine, not only is the 20V45/60 especially powerful, it also achieves outstanding efficiency values with a fuel utilization of over 50 per cent. The customer in Chandpur is also relying on another special feature: Four 18V51/60TS engines are for the first time combined with two-stage turbocharging – a premiere for this engine type. Such units come with a low-pressure compressor and a high-pressure compressor, which work connected in series and therefore achieve improved power density and efficiency.

“In Chandpur, the power plant operators have chosen a particularly innovative engine setup. The combination of our powerful 20V45/60 engines and the 18V51/60TS engines with two-stage turbocharging guarantees maximum fuel efficiency while also allowing for a more compact plant design thanks to a higher power density,” explains Waldemar Wiesner, Head of Region MEA (Middle-East Africa), Power Plant Sales, at MAN Energy Solutions.

278 MW for Bogra and Chittagong

MAN Energy Solutions has already gone one step further in Bogra and Chittagong. The three power plants constructed there have now been successfully handed over to the customer, Confidence Power. The power plants use fifteen 18V48/60 units in total. The two plants in Bogra will generate 113 MW each to supply base-load electricity to the city, while the third power plant in Chittagong will feed 56 MW into the grid of the port of Bangladesh's second-largest city.

“We are proud that we were able to successfully complete another three power plant projects in Bangladesh. As soon as all ongoing projects are finished, MAN will provide a capacity of approximately 2 GW nationwide. This corresponds to around 10 per cent of the installed capacity and with sustained economic growth, the importance of our contribution to meeting the rising demand for energy in the country will continue to increase,” states Wiesner.


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