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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Successful commissioning of MGT power generation packages in China

Four MAN Energy Solutions gas turbine generator trains have been put into operation in Chinese cogeneration plants.

MAN Energy Solutions has successfully installed two low-emission gas turbine packages for one of the largest private energy companies in China. The system solutions comprise the company's proven gas turbine of the THM series that has already been put into operation, as well as a MGT6000 gas turbine, which is shortly before commissioning. Both MAN gas turbines are integrated in a Combined Heat and Power process (CHP) – the machines deliver around 17 MW of power and 35 MW of heat to an industrial park in the provincial capital of Changsha. The gas turbine packages replace a former coal-based plant in Changsha, resulting in a significant emission reduction for the city. 

Another MAN MGT6000 package has begun commercial operation in a cogeneration plant optimized for natural gas operation in an industrial zone of Dongguan City (Guangdong Province). In addition to about 6 MW of electricity it will also provide 13 MW of heat.

The fourth MAN MGT package was deployed in Lianyungang for a renowned Chinese synthetic fiber manufacturing company. The installed system is equipped with an ATU Box (Analytics Telemetrie Unit), which will allow the customer to monitor the machine’s operation around the clock and easily request advice for remote support by MAN’s service department. This new digital feature will deliver machine data in order to evaluate the system operation & performance and, therefore, finding ways to optimize its efficiency.

“These successful projects mark another key milestone for our innovative CHP technology solutions. They demonstrate the unique efficiency of MAN’s gas turbines with significant reduction in pollutant emissions in the important Chinese market,” states Armin Haller, Head of Project Delivery Turbomachinery at MAN Energy Solutions. 

There are numerous projects in the People's Republic in which the company’s turbine-based cogeneration technology replaces the former energy production based on coal. Through the changeover to natural gas fuel and efficient utilization of surplus heat, these projects are supporting the targets set by the Chinese central government, which is pursuing a considerable reduction in pollutant emissions across the country.

"There is a global trend towards efficient decentralized CHP applications. In addition to the environmental aspect, today’s progress of renewable energies is a driving force that asks for flexible reserve capacities to stand in where wind and solar power are absent," explains Holger Kube, Head of Sales Segment Power Generation Turbomachinery at MAN Energy Solutions. “With the MGT, our company is able to provide a gas turbine family optimized for decentral, flexible and at the same time highly-efficient CHP solutions with minimum emissions.”



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