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Thursday, October 11, 2018

MAN Energy Solutions to Significantly Increase Generation Capacity in Bangladesh

Technology for two power plants will stabilize energy supply in Manikganj and Bhairab

MAN Energy Solutions has won the contract to deliver the electricity-generation technology for two power plants in Bangladesh. This will help meet the increasing demand for energy in the country, which is currently experiencing rapid economic growth. Both power plants will be operated by Doreen Power, a long-standing customer of MAN.


The first project will see the expansion of the existing generation capacities in the Manikganj district, part of the Dhaka administrative division. The current power plant generates 58 MW of electricity for the national grid using MAN technology, a capacity that is now being increased by another 167 MW.


“Doreen Power is one of our most important customers in Bangladesh," said Waldemar Wiesner, Head of Region MEA (Middle-East Africa), Power Plant Sales at MAN Energy Solutions. “Together, we have boosted the country's power supply by 167 MW and, with these latest projects, are further cementing what has proven a successful, long-lasting business relationship.”


55 megawatts for Bhairab


Doreen Power is also setting up a new power plant in Bhairab, which lies 80 kilometers northeast of Dhaka. With a total capacity of 55 MW, this plant will feed directly into the national grid.



“Bangladesh is a key market for us. Our customers value the efficiency, dependability and durability of our technology,” said Wiesner. “When all the current projects are complete MAN technology will be delivering a capacity of 1.85 GW throughout the country, which constitutes around 10% of Bangladesh's installed capacity. With sustained economic growth, the importance of our contribution to meeting the country’s rising demand for energy will continue to increase.”


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