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The Energy Efficiency eXisting ship Index (EEXI) is a new IMO regulation that aims to reduce CO2 emissions of existing vessels by setting minimum requirements for technical efficiency.

EEXI comes into force on 1 January 2023. Any vessels over 400Gt failing to meet the requirements between this date and 31 december 2023 (depending on the schedule of their first survey during this period) risk being detained in port and fined.

MAN PrimeServ provides everything you need to comply, including assessment report, retrofits, and technical files. As your trusted partner, we will support you throughout the entire process, saving you time and money, and provide guidance on how our retrofit modifications for EEXI can also contribute towards an optimal Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) rating.


Dorte Kubel explains how EEXI can affect you

Time is running out

The EEXI deadline is approaching fast, and time is short to avoid a potential retrofit installation bottleneck as other shipowners get on board.

Don’t wait - contact our specialists to start the compliance process now.

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A complete EEXI compliance package

MAN PrimeServ offers a full range of EEXI compliance solutions for all vessel- and MAN engine types.

As the original designers, we know your engines better than anyone else, which means you can have complete confidence in the reliability and performance of your compliance solution. Also, as a one-stop-shop provider for the entire process, you will save significant project management time, hassle, and cost.

Assessment reports

primeserv_marine_serviceMAN PrimeServ can help you create an EEXI assessment report, no matter whether or not you use a MAN engine, based on information you provide about your vessel. 

Depending on the calculated EEXI, the assessment report will suggest how you should proceed. Possible outcomes of the report include an EEXI technical file, MAN Overridable Power Limitation and other retrofit solutions required to meet the necessary standards. If you purchase one or more of these upgrades, your assessment report will be free of charge. Furthermore, it will be possible for you to buy an EEXI engine study, which offers a more comprehensive engine-specific report on the possible retrofit solution. The EEXI assessment report will also include proposed MAN Energy Solutions products for improving the fuel consumption of the engine and thereby contributing to improving the CII, and pre-inspection formulas for validating the applicability of the suggested solution(s).

Technical files

EEXI_digitalizationThe EEXI technical file will document the vessel’s attained EEXI, thereby proving it meets the requirements of the new regulation. The EEXI technical file will be created on the information provided by you, whereby MAN PrimeServ will then submit it to the specific classification society for approval.

Retrofit solutions


MAN PrimeServ can offer a complete range of retrofit solutions to enable your vessel to meet EEXI requirements. If this is necessary and modifications are purchased, your costs of the associated assessment report will be removed from the overall project cost.

The most viable solution for most vessels to comply with EEXI will be MAN Overridable Power Limitation, which is a relatively quick and simple option and available only through MAN PrimeServ. However, in view of other sustainable shipping initiatives, such as CII, or other potential regulations in the lead up to 2030 and 2050, there may be other engine modifications that offer a stronger investment opportunity for the long term.

As your trusted engine partner, our specialists will work with you to help you decide which solutions will be the most beneficial not only to comply with EEXI, but that will deliver the best return for your investments for the future.

Your EEXI journey

Time is running out - EXXI comes into force on 1 January 2023
MAN PrimeServ provides a single source for everything you need to comply

Turn EEXI compliance into an optimal CII rating

Along with the EEXI, the Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) will enter into force from 2023. CII is defined as CO2 emissions per transport task (CO2/dwt x nautical mile). It is calculated based on a vessel’s mandatory annual fuel report to the IMO.

Based on this, vessels will be rated from A (best) to E (worst). This rating can have a direct effect on the vessel’s commercial value, in terms of fuel efficiency, charter value, insurance, port fees, and depreciation. Ships rated D for three consecutive years or rated E will have to make a plan to improve their rating. 

If your vessel requires modifications to meet EEXI standards, it is advisable to use this as an opportunity to invest in solutions that contribute towards an optimal CII rating. Our experts can help you to understand what is possible and the benefits it can bring to your business over the longer term.

MAN Overridable Power Limitation

Engine Power Limitation (EPL) is used by many shipowners to save fuel by restricting the maximum power produced by a vessel’s propulsion engine to a lower value that what it was originally designed and certified for.

This method is by far the easiest way to meet the new EEXI regulations for ships that require additional measures to do so. However, compared to previous EPL solutions, EEXI has additional requirements that must be incorporated, namely an override function and mandatory logging of parameters.

MAN Overridable Power Limitation takes all these considerations into account, delivering a highly cost-effective and easy-to-implement solution for EEXI compliance.

MAN PrimeServ is the only provider that can implement this solution for electronically-controlled engines.

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