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With fluctuating fuel prices and ever tightening emissions regulations, the outlook for our industry is uncertain. However, no matter what the future holds tomorrow, we are ready with the dual-fuel engine solution you need today.

MAN Energy Solutions is the world’s most trusted provider of dual-fuel marine engines. If you are looking to future-proof your investments and operate a more competitive fleet, we offer a complete portfolio of two-stroke dual-fuel solutions that enable you to switch between gas (LNG, LPG and ethane), methanol and fuel oils with no loss of performance or efficiency. 


Introducing the upgraded MAN B&W ME-GI Mk. 2 and low-pressure MAN B&W ME-GA two-stroke LNG dual-fuel engines.

The upgraded ME-GI Mk. 2 and new low-pressure ME-GA engines provide you with the most advanced, energy-efficient dual-fuel LNG solutions on the market, no matter whether you operate an LNG carrier or any other type of vessel.

Today, with next generation technology, best-in-class efficiency, and sophisticated new control and safety systems, our multi-fuel engine portfolio is complete – and your needs are covered.

running hours on LNG for our ME-GI engines
highest flexibility in dual-fuel operational range (5%-110% load)

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MAN PrimeServ offers advanced modernization solutions to optimize the reliability, availability, and economic efficiency of existing equipment. Furthermore, MAN’s modernization and retrofit solutions are tailor-made to customers’ specific applications and machinery

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The MAN B&W two-stroke dual-fuel engines are built to support your power needs today and for the future. Contact us now to explore your options.
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  • Marine engine programme 2021
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  • LNGC optimised designs of ME-GI engines and fuel gas supply systems
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  • B&W ME-GI - Container vessels
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  • ME-GI/GIE pump vaporizer unit for LNG and ethane
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  • Whatever your vessel, we have a fuel solution that fits
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Sign up for the recording and find out more about the issue of methane slip which needs to be resolved in order to realize the full potential of LNG as a marine fuel.

This session will provide you with info about the methane slip of the MAN B&W ME-GI and ME-GA engines, from a technical and environmental perspective.

Get insights reg. the origin of methane slip and available MAN mitigation technologies.

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