• MAN 45/60CR The Game Changer

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Lower operating costs and higher life cycle profitability

The MAN 45/60CR engine enables owners and operators to comply with ever more stringent emissions regulations and optimize their operating expenses at the same time. Our new engine provides unrivaled levels of low fuel consumption, driving down operating costs. By increasing standardization and using modular sub components, the new MAN 45/60CR engine also allows faster installation and easier maintenance. 

  • Highest power output in its class      
    1,300 kw per cylinder     
  • Lowest SFOC in its class
    Just 166 g/kWh
  • Matching a wide range of load profiles
    Common Rail Injection System with ECOMAP 2.0
  • Extended use of exhaust gas after-treatment (EGA) systems      
    High permissible backpressure
  • Improved use of heat      
    Optimized high-temperature cooling and lubrication circuits 

Environmental friendliness

Designed for a cleaner world

The MAN 45/60CR complies with the most demanding NOX regulations in combination with the compact MAN SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) exhaust gas aftertreatment system. Together with the innovative MAN ECOMAP function, it offers a whole new dimension in efficiency levels under different vessel operating profiles. The MAN 45/60CR will be a major contribution to achieving the stringent Energy Efficiency Design Indices (EEDI) of the future.

MAN has developed a whole range of systems that work together to safeguard the environment while maintaining the ship’s efficiency. Technologies such as MAN’s Common Rail Injection System improve a ship’s fuel economy, so it needs less fuel, produces fewer emissions and complies with EEDI guidelines.


Versatility at work

The new MAN 45/60CR engine is suitable for use in a wide range of marine applications. Its primary focus is reliable power generation, performance flexibility and superior efficiency in either diesel-electric or diesel-mechanical configurations. High-quality key components, modularized sub-designs and easy-to-install interfaces, make the engine a multitalented performer in many fields of application.

  • On a cruise vessel, you benefit from low emissions, low noise and high efficiency, thanks to its unrivaled flexibility.
  • On a ferry, it provides best in class efficiency with its two-stage turbocharger and meets tier three regulations with Selective Catalytic Reduction.
  • For dredgers, if offers a broad performance map with high dynamic operation capability and load acceptance.

Technology of the future

Welcome to the future


Welcome to the future

The shipping industry faces constant demands to increase efficiency and comply with ever more stringent emissions regulations. The industry also recognizes growing public awareness of its environmental role. The cutting-edge technology of the MAN 45/60CR enables higher performance with lower fuel consumption, lower emissions, and lower operating costs.

  • New SaCoS 5000 engine management system
    Decentralized and easily expandable architecture
  • New ECOMAP 2.0 fuel injection maps
    Matching a wide range of load profiles for unrivaled economic flexibility
  • Field-proven Common Rail Injection System
    Outstanding low fuel consumption and very quick load acceptance
  • Two-stage turbocharging
    Wide torque curve

Technical data



Speed  600 rpm
mep  27.2 bar
MAN 6L45/60CR 7,800 kW 
MAN 7L45/60CR 9,100 kW  
MAN 8L45/60CR 10,400 kW  
MAN 9L45/60CR  11,700 kW  
MAN 10L45/60CR  13,000 kW  
MAN 12V45/60CR  15,600 kW  
MAN 14V45/60CR 18,200 kW  


Cyl. no. and config. 12V 14V  















Dry Mass  




All weights and dimensions are for guidance only and apply to engines without flywheel. Minimum centerline distance for multi engine installation: V-type engine: 5,050 mm (project-specific requirements can lead to higher values). More information available on request.


Cyl. no. and config. 6L 7L 8L 9L 10L  
L 8,400 9,200 10,000 11,200 12,200 mm
L1  6,450 7,250 8,050 8,950 9,950 mm
3,500 3,500 3,500 3,500 4,000 mm
H 5,100 5,100 5,100 5,100 5,300 mm
Dry mass  130 145 165 165 195 mm
* Estimated values; turbocharger configuration on coupling side

DNA of excellence

dna of excellence
  1. Noise-reducing cylinder head covers
  2. Advanced valve lever kinematics
  3. Variable valve timing
  4. Proven MAN Common Rail Injection System
  5. Low-friction camshaft
  6. Improved cylinder head cooling
  7. Weight-optimized piston
  8. Integrated lube oil cooler and filter module (option)
  9. Rocker arm casing with integrated HT return flow
  10. Main lube oil supply integrated in crank case
  11. Double-walled exhaust gas pipe with integrated insulation
  12. Waterjacket with both integrated HT inlet and starting air pipe
  13. Lightweight and robust connecting rod
  14. Low-friction crankshaft 



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