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Decarbonization through smart thermal management

The world needs the energy sector to change and new regulations are raising the pressure to decarbonize. The smart use of combined heat and power (CHP) gives you the opportunity to decarbonize your gas-based energy production cleverly and efficiently.

Customized solutions give you full control of CHP

For CHP to deliver its full promise, it has to be perfectly adapted to your plant’s unique conditions. We help our customers to find the optimal solutions to each specific challenge. One of our key skills is the integration and optimization of various systems to provide a complete solution.

Our goal is to provide optimum efficiency and maximum decarbonization for your plant. Based on a thorough analysis of your current situation and future plans, we can deliver customized engineering solutions that match your needs completely.
We have the experience, engineering expertise, global set-up, and highly efficient machinery. We provide tailor-made EPC solutions with a full range of engineering, engine and after-sales solutions.

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Beyond electricity and district heat

As well as being a cost-effective way of producing electricity and heat, the conversion of waste heat to energy opens up many other possibilities for cities, utilities and industries. CHP is a flexible solution that allows for the integration of renewables and energy storage technologies to further lower your carbon footprint. And heat is not just for keeping warm. Process industries use CHP to produce cold and high-quality steam. And since CHP plants are usually located close to the end user, transport costs and distribution losses are low.

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Driving decarbonization with CHP

As producers and consumers turn away from coal and oil, gas-based CHP offers a holistic approach to decarbonization though smart thermal management.

CHP plants can run as thermal balancing units in renewable energy (RES) grids, compensating intermittent electricity supply from renewables and generating additional revenue streams. Upcycling waste heat demonstrates social responsibility, fulfills sustainability goals, reduces carbon dioxide emissions, and saves on carbon offsetting costs. The flexibility of our gas-based technology also enables you to adapt to carbon-neutral fuels in the future.

Building a zero-carbon CHP in Schwäbisch Hall

Schwäbisch Hall Municipal Utilities aims to achieve 100% climate-neutral electricity and heat generation by 2035. MAN Energy Solutions is supporting the town's ambition by providing a CHP whose overall efficiency is exceeding 90%.

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Ready for the future

Gas-based CHP can already operate on biogas, natural gas with hydrogen (H2) admixture, and synthetic natural gas (SNG). Soon, it will be able to operate on future fuels such as green hydrogen, e-ammonia, and e-methanol. While minimizing emissions and moving toward a green energy future, innovative CHP configurations also help producers to secure their supply of electricity and heat.
H2 admixture possible in MAN CHP power plants today
of your fuel’s energy can be used as heat and electricity
of global energy is produced by burning coal and oil

CHP applications

  • Municipal, urban, and large facilities can provide district heating and warm water for urban quarters, small towns and large facilities like airports, universities or shopping malls.
  • Data centers can reduce CO2 emissions and electricity costs with a direct supply of cooling energy.
  • Participating in capacity markets opens up new revenue streams.
  • Power producers and utilities can balance the supply and demand of renewable energy while providing hot and cold thermal energy.
  • Process industries can enjoy cost-efficient carbon-neutral energy for processes that need intensive heat, cold and electricity.

Gas engines

MAN gas engines offer high efficiency and flexibility, fast starting and ramp-up capability, and low-load performance, making them an excellent choice for industrial applications. An electrical efficiency of up to 50% and total efficiency of around 95% for CHP applications are possible. The modular design supports fast implementation and the easy extension of existing power plants. Retrofitting allows for the conversion of liquid fuel engines to dual-fuel gas engines.

Gas turbines

Our gas turbines use the heat from the turbine exhaust system to produce steam, hot water, chilled water or a combination of all three. MAN gas turbine-based solutions have a modular design that is easy to maintain and adapt to current and future needs. They are extremely reliable and can reach efficiency levels of up 90% while keeping greenhouse gas emissions to a minimum. Our portfolio of modern, efficient industrial gas turbines in the 6–13 MW power range combines the advantages of heavy-duty and aeroderivate design – for an optimized cost-to-benefit ratio over the entire life cycle.

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    MAN Energy Solutions is the world’s leading provider of integrated power systems. Our broad portfolio offers many ways to set up independet grips. As a long-standing partner of many industrial customers, we know that an efficient and cost-effective supply of electricity, heat, and cold plays a key role in ensuring competitiveness. MAN will support your business with long-term energy supply solutions that give you the necessary flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances.

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    MAN Energy Solutions is the world’s leading provider of integrated power systems. Businesses, public infrastructure developments, and the quality of life of millions of people depend on the energy supplied by utility companies. Our aim is to help you strengthen your competitive position and boost your profitability. We ensure you can be confident about the future by using flexible technology concepts, integrating renewables, reducing the cost of energy, and lowering emissions.

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